the time is glooming

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Chris_2oo6, May 22, 2007.

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  1. i fly out on telic 10 tomorrow... and i'm starting to think about allsorts.. whether i'll come home or not etc :? and whether my family will see me again

    so has anyone got any last min advice please before i go?

  2. Yeah, stop whining. Get out there and do your job. Could have sworn that I didn't feel the need to post on here before I deployed.
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

  4. oldbooty

    oldbooty War Hero

    Head up
    dont feel so bloody sorry for yourself
    do your job properly or the worst might happen......
    You might get one of your mates killed

    GET ON WITH IT and have some pride fer fecks sake.
  5. Wasanig

    Wasanig Old-Salt

    Go out get pissed, watch your back, look after your mates, make sure your weapon is fukking spotless, never ever go out without your weapon and body armor. Make a will, get insured have fun!
  6. EX_STAB


    Don't have too much to drink before a long flight. Two reasons:
    1) You'll be constantly back and forth to the bog.
    2) You'll be dehydrated on the flight anyway and combining this with a hangover will be deeply unpleasant.

    You'll have done all your paperwork and packed your kit ten times over so assuming you're back from your embarkation leave you might as well chill out a bit. Go and have a game of pool or go for a run for a bit. If you can get off depot go somewhere for a good steak dinner with a couple of mates but don't go mad at the booze. (See (2) above) ;)

    Have a good tour and let us know how you get on.

    Good Luck!
  7. lol am not asking for sympathy

    am just a bit aprehensive as ive only just come from depot.. think its coz its more "the unknown"

    sure once am out there i'll be ok just asking for last min tips thats all
  8. Khyros

    Khyros LE

    Stay focused, mitigate risks as much as possible, and do not believe G2 assessments until confirmed via mk. I eyeballs... come home safe at the end.
  9. boris7

    boris7 Crow

    with regret I must admit EX STAB GIVES YOU GOOD ADVICE....myself...dont ask......
  10. Mister_Jones

    Mister_Jones Clanker

    Dont get lazy, drink loads of water, Shoot Straight, and Enjoy it.

    Happy Hunting.