the time has come!!, ATR Lichfield, Monday 14th January 2008

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. Hello

    I found out my start date a while back but waited till it got nearer the time before i post on here

    So i start basic on Monday 14th January, Royal Signals, Technical Supply Specialist
    Is anybody else on this board going to be spending the next 14 weeks with me!!

    I hope at least 1 person replys!

    fingers crossed

  2. I'm going to reply - but no I'm not spending the next 14 weeks with you. Good luck all the same bud!
  3. Everybody going will be like you. Not knowing anybody. So don't worry and just enjoy you're last month as a civi
  4. just hope no nasty people leave bags that go 'pop' on the train station on that day now youve advertised the day the next intake is.

    All the best though, enjoy the ride.
  5. i start a week before on the 7th buddy
  6. it's going to be lovely and cold for us eh :p
    god, i really hate the cold aswell, im going to have to get used to it :x

  7. I don't think you'll have much chance to get used to the cold tbh!
  8. ben 1985 are you nevrous at all mate? also what job you want to do in the signals? im hoping to be a communications systems operator i passed scotland but i cant even manage one pull up. i never have been able to and it worrys me
  9. im not really nervous at the moment fella, but will be probably after xmas passes by.

    regarding pull up's im not great i can maybe do 4-6

    what your press up's and 1.5 mile run time like?

    im going in as a technical supply specialist

  10. my run time is just over 11 min im a big lad mate, and i havnt timed my pressups
  11. your run times ok mate dont worry about that, erm how many press-up's can you do in one go all together, mine is about 25, i really need to improve them, would have been better if you was starting 14th then in a way can speak to you before we go but suppose thats the way it is

    lets enjoy our last month as a civvy (like someone said earlier on!)

  12. ben you sound like you know what your doing mate. email me on if you can mate and we can exchange numbers mate cuz i need some help with training pal. fast! cheers
  13. I've sent an email to you fella.
  14. You dont need to worry too much about the press ups gents, your going to be getting plenty of practice! Basic training is all about building you up. You obviously meet the requirements (unless youve become fat and wheezy since your recruit selection). Its not easy, but if you remember to take it one day at a time you'll breeze through it. Good luck.
  15. thanks red arrse that helped and im not being sarcy mate