The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

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Richard Osman is better known for his appearances on TV as a quiz show presenter, but this is about his first novel The Thursday Murder Club. Set in an old peoples’ village where four of the residents come together every Thursday to look over old unsolved cases, each person bringing their particular skill. Why Thursday? well that is the only time they can get use of the common room! One is a former psychologist, one a former businessman and father of a famous boxer, one a lady who has a very secretive background, and who leads the Club and the last one a lady brought in as a member had died. This latter person keeps a diary on which this book is based.

Now it may seem that being set in an old folks’ village that this would be slow and dull – far from it. Osman keeps the story flowing along at a brisk pace with new bits n bobs at each turn. A series of murders/killings on their own doorstep is enough for the Club to step up and give their, unwanted, help to the police. In doing so they ‘recruit’ a local bobby who brings her boss into the ‘clutches’ of the Club.
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The village is set in the grounds of an old Convent with attached cemetery. The owner wants to dig up the Nun’s bodies in the cemetery so he can build more retirement houses, assisted by his building contractor who happens to be a former drug dealer. The contractor is knocked off early in the story, which activates the Club to investigate. Then the owner gets the chop, and an old skeleton is found in a grave that was already occupied. Now enters various side characters such as a strange priest who is determined the Nuns won’t be disturbed, the farmer who owns land surrounding the cemetery, which is wanted for even more house, but which he does not wish to sell – unlike his daughter who wants the cash. Several other minor characters drop in and out of the story to keep it moving and moving it does.

This is a very good read, funny, well written and not really about old people but about the life skills they bring to the case, much to the chagrin of the local police. There is obviously more to come from the Thursday Murder Club.

This would make a great stocking filler for Him or Her.

4 Mr MRHs

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That sounds very much like a ‘Midsomer’ plot … not exactly, but very like. But, then, it would appear that that Sceptred Isle is awash, in fact fairly bursting at the seams, with such little enclaves of mystery. Ta, worth a squiz, to be sure.
Fun fact: Richard Osman is legally blind and has been since birth.

Oh and the singular of scampi is scampo. That should do you for Christmas dinner.