The thrice daily Dhobi, is it normal...?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by heard_it_all_before, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. Are services and ex services personnel overly hygienic, or do civvies just smell...!
  2. Overly hygienic?!?! You've never been down on an RLC chick have you.
  3. If you mean showering 3 time a day - you either have OCD or you are exceptionally smelly.
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  4. Unless you're doing PT twice a day why would you need three showers? One in the morning would be normal. Possibly one at night if you've been doing something particularly arduous or dirty in work. I would expect most civvies probably work on the same principle?

    Although having had to 'have a quiet word' with more than a couple of lads in my life about whether they could maybe stand closer to the water when they have a shower and get a little more friendly with the camp laundry, I wouldn't be so quick to assume all squaddies even bother with a morning shower.
  5. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer


    civvy here, and I have two showers a day, one before work and one when I get in. especially in the summer. something fellow users of london transport could do well to emulate, the smelly twats that some of them are.
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  6. Yeeuuuch!

    Only dirty people wash!!
  7. My other half is still trying to come to terms with why I wash my socks in the shower with me at the end of the day. It's just basics.

    It's not as if I sleep with them tucked in my arm pits anymore.
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  8. I shower every morning, regardless, even if I'm about to go to PT first thing. Then of course I'll shower after that, and when I worked on the tank park I'd shower at the end of the day too.
  9. I shower 2x a day usually, can't stand going to sleep if I've been out and I have wax in hair or still smell of smoke. When I shared a room with a chap in China he mentioned that I wash too much, but due to the heat there how could you not shower 2x a day?

    I went to bed last night after a night on the town and I still feel slightly wrong because I haven't showered yet...
  10. On a flight last week I could tell the squaddies going on leave just by the smell of soap. Honest. civvies tend to smell of deodorants or B.O.
    I'm not odd I just have an accute sense of smell. It's a curse!
  11. Any chance you could use gas instead of water next time.
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  12. I seem to be having an awful lot of luck with women lately though, I wouldn't want to let them down. Just think of all that sex I'd be missing out on. Three of em now and all of them in their early twenties and they take it up the arse too! Just so you know... I mean you could be married to some ugly old bitch and sex for you might be a distant memory.

    2012 might be a vintage year for dash.
  13. Have you never worked in Belgium? They smell really bad.
  14. Aussies think we brits are a filthy lot, call us in general soap dodgers because we only bathe or shower once a day,
    but there again they also call Fosters Beer so it shows how much they know,

    MERRY XMAS FOLKS!!!!!!!!
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  15. I shower once a month... whether I need to or not.