The Three Choughs in Blandford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by PapaGolf, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know why this place has closed down? Yeah it was a crapp hole but its random topic of conversation in the office
  2. Perhaps due to the "Nutter" who worked behind the bar? :)
  3. Perhaps due to the "Nutter" who worked behind the bar? :)
  4. No way - I was planning to go there tomorrow night after a bit of Ottoman action! Looks like the Nelson, Kings and the Railway then.
  5. I heard that it was closing a couple of months back.

    Gone down the sh1tter anyway. Used to have the best Jukey in town and many a happy hour was spent trying to hook that fcuking ring on the spike.
  6. Pubs across the country are in severe trouble. Use them or lose them!

  7. Good, it was a hole anyway, nearly as good as the G spot :wink:
  8. as far as i know it went under due to money problems. the kings is also being/has been sold off by john (who owns the kings, nelsons and the farqui (in pimperne) due to the manager costing him £20k in an employment tribunal for sacking one of the bar maids.

    nelsons is fine though - as far as i am aware (thank god, only decent place to get a pint in blandford)
  9. G spot - later called - fcuk can't remember the name (doesn't matter it was a dive! :p ) shut down years ago!! :p

    edited to add - it was called the voltz :-D , who thought it'd be a good idea to stick it out on the industrial estate, out in the arrse end of no-where?
  10. It was changed to VOLTZ if my memory serves me right, what a place!!! It was definantely one of those places you wiped your feet on the way out!!!
  11. That cost you a fortune to get back and the beer was watered down.

    I think they should move the School to somewhere more social, like Wales................... :wink:
  12. bugger, i was never one for the long walk to other pubs unless it really had to be done. all that fresh air and random stumbling sobers you up a right treat.

    plus i was never a fan of the railway after the evil **** behind the bar said i was too pissed to order 2 pints and a coke. the coke was for me as i was duty clutch that night and hadnt had a drop. what school of bartending did she go to? hope she chokes.
  13. WALES!! WALES!?? how dare you! it's not that bad! :-D anyone with an ounce of sense would go to poole/bournemouth on the lash anyways, cheaper beer, more skirt and you're less likely to get 'attacked' by the local 'hardmen' (read 18-19 year olds who think they're the hardest things around :roll: - most of which i went to school with :p )
  14. Full of strange inbreds when I was last there :) (incoming)
  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    If it still sold that shiite Badger beer that could be a reason....