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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheIronDuke, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    The writing instrument, not Shaun, you know?

    You sit down, make your refreshment choice known to the Muppets, you settle, spread your important docs out on the table, then....

    You do PENS.

    Mont Blanc? Fat silver designer number? An HB Lakeland pencil in naked wood? Or a 3" BetFred Biro?
  2. Stolen Bic.
  3. Epi pen?

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  4. Argos finest/wax crayon
  5. From Viz's letterbocks column:

    "HOUSEHOLDERS. Store yellow crayons, broken pencils, dried up biros and highlighters somewhere handy. I keep mine in a jar by the telephone.
    Mikey "

    Have a check and you'll find he's right too.
  6. What about the small blue betting office pens? They are brilliant!
  7. [​IMG]

    They're free and they make excellent kindling.
  8. For everyday signing a Pelikan M200 goes with me everywhere . . . for serious writing a rather charming limited edition gold Waterman in a case on the writing desk. However, I lie awake dreaming of a Sailor 1911 Naginata Togi with Nagahara Cross Emperor nib . . in ribbed black . . . oh yes. I think I've just come.
  9. I take it that you were typing this whilst on your pen-ultimate wanking stroke...

  10. A few years back, Glasgow Council had its 'Scotland with Style' campaign - the freebie pens were the best I've ever blagged, beautiful writers and refillable too. I've got loads at home and at work and will go Begbie on any cunt who tries to make off with one.
  11. The Bic ones, blue jobs with four different coulours. Awesome for taking notes and creating doodles a league above the standard monochrome ones.
  12. I like pen-icillin.

    Well, it got rid of the snot coming out of my cock
  13. Due to the inordinate amount of time I spend on keyboards, my handwriting has deteriorated to the point that it looks like the result of a unholy matrimony between Arabic and something likely to be found ensconced 'tween the pages of a mong's colouring book. I thus have no real use for pens per se - whether they be the humble bookie's bic, or a diamond-encrusted Sidecar Revolette.

    That said, my favourite is a corporate branded Gulfstream freebie appropriated from a 'Please Take One' box in the Flight Centre at RIAT. I took two (plus bottle openers and baseball hats). Outrageous!

    Any cheques or autographs that need signing are done by 'Muldoon' - my faithful retainer, valet and Gin-pourer-in-Chief.
  14. IronDuke, a very good thread. As a "Maureen/Mavis" (and a scouser), I find that "posh" pens tend to be stolen, so don't bother investing anymore. I have a very nice collection of Parker Pens and a shite load of those classic Banner pens that people leave on my desk that don't work anymore.

    I think my best pen is from my (now ex) gardener (see Arrse Gardening), who thought it wise to get some wooden ones made with his name and telephone number on and give everyone them for a Christmas present. It's a shame that Peter King 01748 XXXXXX was a complete wanker of a gardener and I may or may not have told everyone in my village and no-one employs him anymore.

    It's a nice pen though.