The Thomas Bin.........

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Listener, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Anyone know why the Thomas Bin is called so?
  2. Calling it Gerald would have been silly.

    Interesting 1st post though, are you in a pub quiz team?
  3. It's named after its inventor, Sir Reginald Bin.
  4. Thomas's parents, Reginald and Jeanette (nee Trashcan) had him christened Thomas Atkins Gunn Titt Bin at his baptism.
  5. Actually, since Sir Reginald was from the valleys, the item should be referred to as 'Thomas the Bin'
  6. Listener - Let me understand this. You join Arrse on 29 April 2006, you mooch about for a fortnight then in your very first post you ask about a the derivation of the name for a Thomas Bin. Are you OK, or is this really a cry for help? A scream of despair from the slough of despond? One last gut-churning wail of human passion from the slippery drain to hell? An angry challenge metamorphosed by the sludge of unattainable dreams of life into a slow whisper exhaled from the mouth of a cadaver? Or do you have a thing about Thomas Bins?
  7. Is it a bin for Thomas splints.?!!!!!
  8. Nope. That's a has Bin.
  9. I've been through Slough, and it's enough to lead you to despond. Be gentle with him.
  10. Quite correct cloudbuster, and my apologies for omitting Sir Reginald's (and Lady Bin's) title. Come to think of it, wasn't Sir Reginald conferred with the title of Baronet? If so would that now make Thomas, Sir Thomas Bin Bart.
  11. Anyone got the part number for DPM paint ? etc etc
  12. It's not called 'so', it's called Thomas Bin. Do keep up.
  13. Indeed it would Tuna Head, indeed it would.

    You having a quiet day, too?
  14. Quiet Day? Yep. Such is the life of a Tuna head in this neck of the woods. On a more serious note, for Listener, and taking to heart cloudbuster's advice to treat you gently, here is the answer:

    Brigadier Sydney Thomas, late RASC

    Born, 1896; educated at Greenwich Central School; Royal Observatory, Greenwich, 1910-1914; served in the ranks in World War One, 1914-1918; service with Transport and Supply Column, 40 (London) Div, Territorial Force, and 25 Div Motor Transport Company, Army Service Corps, Western Front, 1914-1918; joined 47 (London) Div, Royal Army Service Corps, Territorial Army, 1924; service with Territorial Army, 1924-1951; HM Customs and Excise, 1919-1934; Assistance Board, 1935-1946; transferred to 50 (Northumbrian) Div, Royal Army Service Corps, Territorial Army [1937]; served in World War Two, in France, Cyprus, Iraq, Iran, North Africa and Italy, 1939-1945; awarded OBE, 1940; Commanding Officer, 50 (Northumbrian) Div, Royal Army Service Corps, Territorial Army, Cyprus and North Africa, 1940-1942; awarded DSO, 1942; Deputy Director Supply and Transport, 10 Corps, North Africa and Italy, 1942-1943; Officer Commanding Troops, HMS HILARY, Salerno, Italy, 1943; awarded CBE, 1944; Deputy Director Supply and Transport, British Increment, US 5 Army, Italy, Adapted aluminium storage box in use with US forces as a storage medium for RASC. 1944; Deputy Director Supply and Transport, 8 Army, Italy, 1944-1945; Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance, 1946-1954; Controller, Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, 1951-1954; UN Adviser, Administration, Burma, 1954-1955; awarded CB, 1955; Under-Secretary (Special Duties), Ministry of Supply, 1956; Under Secretary, Secretary's Department, Admiralty, 1957-1959; UN Adviser, Administration, Nepal, 1959-1962, Asia and Far East, 1962-1964; UN Adviser, Social Security, Iraq, 1965-1966, Trinidad, 1967, and Saudi Arabia, 1971; Member of Institute of Public Administration and the British Institute of Management; died, 1979.
  15. Is he not related to Sir Thomas Bin Lidden, a middle eastern despot of some repute???