The third world war

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by HIGHLANDER_SPY, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone remember reading a book by General Sir John Hackett called the "Third World War" - it was pre Gulf War and Challenger, IIRC we still had Chieftains and were reinforced by 2 (British) Corps but our lifespan was only calculated at around 2 days or 8 minutes if you were a Tankie !

    It was a cracking good read at the time, but can't seem to find a copy nowadays.
  2. I found one on Abe Books a few years ago.

    Third World War

    Yours for £2.11 delivered!
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I have it somewhere, and its sequel. I suspect it was written before i was born but agree its a good read!
  4. There'll be someone along in a minute saying they should get a NDM because of that! :)
  5. I have a copy, and the sequel (The Untold Story) which I may be willing to donate for a Hols4Heros Auction if the GCO/BCO/PG etc wish.

    I'll be back in the UK in 10 days so you can't have it before then.
  6. Thanks Mildperil I'm on to it
  7. A cracking read, both of them. Those of us who were there thought it a pretty fair appraisal.
  8. The only good thing was that birmingham got nuked with one of them there 4 way split nuclear missiles.... I guess the damage could be reckoned in the tens of pounds.
  9. I gave the paperback to a charity bag last year as I found a hard back copy in a charity shop.

    Chieftain was a pretty good read as well for a WWIII could have been from an RTR prospective

  10. Just had a thought.. was going to start a new thread... but will shoe horn it into this one. A decade before Hackett set his scenario.. Picture Detmold Germany 1976/ 78. It kicks off, lots of goose stepping E Germans and Russkies come marching out of the East. What happens to the mums and Brats (of which I am one) ? do you think we would have been evacuated ? would it have been done in time ? or would we have been left to hassle, whinge and annoy the **** out of the invading Russian squaddies, beings that we were so good at doing that to our dads ??
  11. I think the plan was to monitor the threat-levels through BRIXMIS, and as matters escalated evacuate dependants on buses and trains to the Channel ports. Given the state of the buses in use at the time, you'd be pulling into Zeebrugge at about the same time as our protagonists.
  12. Thats reassuring cloudbuster ! re buses surely you dont mean those dark green rounded heaps I remember kids going to school in ? (I walked, thankfully )
  13. Yep, Bedford SB3/5, When I got picked up at Munster-Greven for the ride to Detmold in May 79 I thought it must have been a museum-piece. But no, there were hoards of them.
  14. Oh My ! glad I walked to school. what did you do in Detmold ? Hobart barracks (airfield and 4 armed wkshps) or ellis barracks or the other barracks with all the horses in ?