The third world war has just started.

Well it seems that those Mayan blokes might have been on the right track then.

The Russians have sent troop to Syria to help the government while at the same time someone lobs a few shells at Turkey.

Turkey have fired back so we now have Russia on one side and a NATO member on the other.

Wonder if the Gleiwitz incident was widely reported and recognised for what it was at the time?

Wonder if my Russian/German phrase book is still around anywhere!

Brotherton Lad

Kit Reviewer
At least we can bin all this existential Islamic fundamendalist nonsense and get back to some decent 'lines drawn in the sand' Cold War stuff.
Aw fuck, does this mean after two and a half years as a tour dodging stab I'm actually going to get sent to war anyway?

And I was really enjoying this reception gig...
Yes and we will all get there on a train pulled by a Deltic taken out of mothballs specially for this event.
Twat, you've just joined my 'Resident Evil' Hit List

This thread is complete bollocks, The Third World War will start circa 1715hrs today.

I've forgotten her fcuking Birthday......................again.

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