The Things work colleagues say!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by slopey_shoulders, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. I happen to work in an office with a bloke from the RAF. He happened to randomly come out with " when a gay bloke farts in another gay blokes mouth its called a dutch oven" WTF!!!!
    I just looked at him in complete ashtonishment, what is the world coming too?
    Has anyone else had one of those moments at work when someone says something totally f ucking stupid / random?
  2. What gets me is....if thats true, then what feckin sexual pleasure could anyone hope to get out of that. Smelling my missus's farts is bad enough without considering her farting in me gob ffs 8O

    Sick sick people :roll:
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Maybe he is trying to chat you up :?
  4. One of my incredibly stupid customer service staff came out with :
    "You have to remember that foreigners speak a different language to us"......
  5. Sat in our staff rest room a while ago, and as there were no split arses the conversation had turned to blow jobs. Somebody said that he'd heard that having to suck on a fellow squaddies knob-end was an initiation in some units, and was disgusted at the idea... :lol:
    Our man Jerry then pipes up "whats the problem, we've all done it..." :omfg:

    Cue tumbleweeds and deathly silence...

    He know goes by the name of deep throat :wink:
  6. Happened not so long ago in the office: I asked a colleague to meet me at 16:00 (I actually said sixteen hundred). He then turned around and asked me: "In the morning or in the afternoon" ? WTF :?
  7. All of the RAF know subjects based on homosexuality as 100% of the RAF are gay.

    If they deny being gay then they are a gayer in denial.
  8. The stupidest answer I have heard was given by our junior, in response to the following question;

    "What system do deaf people use to read with"

    He answered - "Braile"

    Even when informed that the answer was actually "books" he continued to call us thick and insist it was braile. Nosher.

    In the same really w@nky "training" session we were all asked to complete the following sentences on a form;

    "Around here, the media sales dept are treated like..........."

    Every single member of the sales staff put - "sh it"

    "Around here, the management are considered to be..............."

    80% of the answers were - "cnuts"

    "Around here, the best thing about my job is..............."

    Best answer was - "the free water"

    We found out afterwards that all completed forms will be handed to our MD.......we are expecting the water cooler to be removed and P45's on our desks very soon.