The thing that made it all worthwhile

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Speedy, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. What was the moment that made you feel that your decision to be one of Britain's finest was verified. At what point did you mentall go 'Yeah, this is what it's all about'?

    Mine was in Belize in 92 doing the ration run to St Georges Cay sat on the back of the RPL (a landing craft) sunbathing and watching dolphins swimming alongside. What a fantastic job that was. Go to work, take the refrigerated 4 Ton reefer to the ration store, load up, drive down to the docks in Belize City, reverse onto the RPL, spend an hour or so dossing in the beautiful Caribbean sun, drive onto the beach at the other end, watch other people unload all of the rations and drive back onto the boat and head back.
    That was quite a defining moment for me.
    That and my first walk around Ekkis in Bielefeld in 88 as an 18 year old nig :)
  2. Bizarrely enough, my passing out parade. 12ft tall, the pipes skirling and the base drum punching out the beat as we marched past in slow and quick time.

    The next 6 years had an element of anti-climax to them.
  3. My bold - fcukin' hell mate, that beats a Camberwell Carrot any day. No wonder you saw dolphins swimming!
  4. when I stopped being a drunken bad tempered mong and got stuck in and was promoted, passed some courses etc etc, I thought this is it, Im actually feckin doing it. More so when people started to come to me for advice and instruction.
  5. Telling a full Colonel to go forth and multiply (politely of course) and never to question my moral integrity again. That was brilliant.
  6. Leaving a well known whore house in 'Gladbach and the sun was up,

    For the first time,

    With a phone number.

    Surely, that is what being in the British Army is all about?
  7. The first time I put a round up the spout for real. November 1974, NI.
  8. Being paid to go on 'expedition training' ie: two weeks diving trip to Gibraltar.
  9. 2 weeks skiing in Germany was nice.
  10. You have moral integrity Plant Life? :D
  11. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    19 years old, and waking up in a tram stop in Dortmund one Saturday morning. Sorted my barnet out, patted self down to confirm presence of wobbly tokens/cashcard, and went back on the town. Woke up Sunday morning in the very same tram stop, still dressed in Friday nights clothes.

    The thought that this could potentially reoccur for another 21.5 years made me grin no end.
  12. Yes; believe it or not.

    A Danish Colonel wanted to construct COLPRO in GSK. Wks Gp policy is that all designs go through them to be checked by a PQE. This hadn't happened. The Danes presented me with a Johnny aged 5 design that looked like it would struggle to withstand a sparrows fart, let alone a 105mm rocket. Also having seen some of their COLPRO in BSN I don't have must faith in their design capabilities. Anyway I told him there was no way this thing was getting built. He then asked if I could simply allocate him an area of land in camp and look the other way whilst the Danes were constructing this monstrosity. Well, you can guess what my reaction was!
  13. Doing some adventure training in India in the 80's. Spent a few weeks up in the foot hills of the Himalaya and then popped down to Goa, via Delhi for some well deserved RnR.

    Defining moment was sitting on a paradise Goan beach sipping cocktails and soaking up the 95 degree heat, when a amazonian topless Swedish tourist (Honestly) comes up to our group and sits making small talk. Great location, great weather, great atmosphere and fantastic company, one with tremendous norks, what more could a 20 yr old want? :D

    Short lived though when we flew back to blighty in November, and straight back to Hohne for site guard training. Opps! Back to earth :(
  14. Well?
    Did you?
  15. Met up with two gorgeous blonde Finnish/Swedish/whatever girls with tremendous naked norks on the beach at Ras Mohammed whilst on another diving expedition.

    Can't remember their names but one had a Father named 'Stink'. At least that's how she pronounced it at the passport check in at the border when the Egyptian guard asked her how it was pronounced. Made us all laugh, which is why we ended up meeting up with them later.

    Ah, youth...

    And... Oh yes.