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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by cheesypoptart, Mar 4, 2005.

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  1. Bunch of arrogant, posh Nazis? Discuss.
  2. all of which join because they have no option, 90% do the miniumum and fck off... therefore nowhere near as fun for those that want to enjoy it as those that join ACF, but hey!!

    I was CCF, but still had fun at times...
  3. CCF is ok really, i don't think they're nazis like ACFs more like middle class deliquents. CCFs are based at schools so its a good way to educate people further leadership training etc... However, i found that it is also a way petty prefects et al can extend their 'power' i.e. they can boss juniors around the house and in CCF, and for some sad gits who didn't get to be prefects its another way of getting petty authority at school.
    But on the whole a good instuition that (usually) does it's self proud, and if you haven't guessed already, yes I was in the CCF, it hasn't done me any harm i'm now at OTC and starting my TA commissioning process. :D
  4. CCF is a great way for schools to let their kids do something fun for a change - extra wee bit of MOD cash helps along. When I was fourteen, about twenty of us did the Tour du Mont Blanc - I'm buggered if the Scouts did anything near half as decent. You're right about petty authority though - there are some real to$$ers managing to get stripes all over the place. Only speaking from experience of my own Contingent (only one on the island) here, of course.
  5. I have to admit I have a bit of a personal bias here: I've rarely met a CCF "graduate" who can actually lead. I've met a lot who can scream, shout and bark orders, and most seem to command in the "I'm posh and you're a peasant" style.
    Perhaps my judgment is clouded by my year in an OTC, but strangely enough I can't remember anyone in my regiment having been in a CCF.

    What is it about "leadership training" in the OTC, BTW? :) I never saw any - remembering that command and leadership are two different functions.
  6. not all ccf are based at posh schools
  7. They just seem to be full of overprivileged upper-class"hooray henry&henrietta" twat scum but they're not posh really (that'll be right then :twisted: )
  8. Quite right Woody, not all are in "posh schools", something like 50 are in state secondary schools, though it is true that the majority are in public schools. It is also true that in many of the public schools being in the CCF is compulsory for one year at least, and for quite a few of the youngsters it must be purgatory.

    The contingent I am privileged to be part of is in a state school, and all the youngsters are volunteers, like those in ACF units, and are as a result very keen and hard working, even though they form a minority of those in the school.

    At camps I have seen tremendous efforts made by CCF cadets, and also some pretty dire ones too. Much, I suspect, depends on the attitude and effort put in by the officers. In some schools, taking part in extra-curricular activities is required of teachers, and I have heard of teachers in public schools being told that they are going to be CCF Officers. You can guess what their attitude would be like, and just how good/bad a contingent would be under such circumstances. My colleagues and I are all volunteers, as are the cadets. It seems to make a difference.
  9. My wife encountered the CCF at its worst on a railway platform A CCF Sgt had a CCF Pte stood to attention while he gave him a vicious,manaical beasting in front of the general public who couldn't believe this littlle "Unteroffizier Himmelstoss" was for real.She went to intervene but the matter was resolved by the arrival of the train to carry the tosseur away.She asked me if she should contact the school and complain.I advised her not to as the type of people who attend that school deserve to be unhappy anyway :lol:
  10. Again, I blame the officers. Such things as Galgenburg and his Dearly Beloved saw should never ever be allowed to happen. Ours know only too well that a cadets stripes are hard to earn and put on, but very very easy to remove from the front of a C95 uniform - only got to undo one button.
  11. What do u have against OTCs cheesypoptart, whats this rubbish about no leadership? What shambles of an OTC were u in? Or maybe u came straight from cadets as some jumped up sgt and wanted to lead straight away, but weren't allowed, and anyway if you'd had stayed to 2nd year u would have done leadership training (MTQ2), or maybe you weren't up to it?

    To any else here i'm sorry but i hate it when u get jumped up people slagging of OTCs :evil: :evil: :evil: [/quote]
  12. Lol, I was in your OTC! Had never been in the cadets. Met some fantastic people there; in fact, I met one of my best friends there. He was in the CCF, and he's posh too(! :roll:), hehe.

    My Platoon Commander was fantastic, absolute respect. But anyone with a half a degree of self-awareness I've ever spoken to agrees with me that the ULOTC is very much blighted by certain Hoorah-Henry types with little regard for those underneath them (even though half of them are in Athlone, lol). Many of the worst are indeed those who think that because they were CCF cadet nazis, they can boss people around. My primary gripe was always that they refused to share their skills.
    That's the difference between leadership and command - giving a damn about your peers and subordinates, and certainly not bitching about the horrid raw material you have to live with.
    The British Army has mostly stuck with the idea that leadership can't be taught - although increasingly less so if you've had half a read through the newest Battle box and tactics and training pubs.
    MTQ 2 is a decision-making process, first and foremost. Leadership and command, as stated before, are something else.
    Discuss :wink:

    Good luck with TCB/RCB, Countrylad. Tell me if you want any tips.
  14. I always used to say, "Go ahead, I'll be there in a minute".

    Where does that fit in?
  15. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Case closed

    Saying this. I was in a CCF and it was a cracking establishment. Run by a History teacher who loved teaching the various battle manouveres in the civil war and a WO2 from Iraq 1. No stupid 'I have a stripe ergo I am the lord himself incarnate' as you sometimes get. Wasn't taking itself too seriously, yet seriously enough to learn an awful lot about leadership and basic fieldcraft. Very good base for OTC.

    CCFs and ACFs vary incredibly. It depends a lot on the staff who run them. Unfortunately most are run by walter mittys, hence the large amount of cr@p floating around. Some however are run by people who enjoy it for what it is, and aren't complete arrseholes. I was the head cadet in my own, yet i wasn't made a prefect because 'we feel you don't take responsibility and leadership seriously enough'. Hahahahaha.