The Thin Red Line


War Hero
Just watched it. Very different to any other war film I've seen. Good though!

Anyone else?
I liked it too :clap:

Everyone I know seems to disagree though and think it's slow but I think there are some good performances and as you say, it's a bit different. Also some fantastic photography and gorgeous tropical scenery as I remember?



I agree its one of my favourite war films a little bit more cerebral than most of the crash, bang bullets flying flicks you see, judging by previous ARSSE posts I seem to be in a minority. But definitly in my top 10
Maybe a cliche - but the book's much better.

Having walked the ground this year (the real ground, the film was shot in Northern Queensland) it would have been pretty cheeky to fight over.
It's by a bloke called James Jones. It's a novel but obviously based on real life events. There's a book called "Every shape, every shadow" about a group of marines during the landings and subsequent fighting. It's an awesome read.


James Jones was a combat infantryman in the US Army at the start of the Second World War. I've only read 'From Here to Eternity' which was part of a trilogy of books he wrote based on his wartime experiences.

From wikipedia:
"Jones was born in 1921 in Robinson, Illinois. He enlisted in the Army in 1939 and served in the US 25th Infantry Division before and during World War II, first in Hawaii, then in combat on Guadalcanal, where he was wounded in action.

"His wartime experiences inspired some of his most famous works. He witnessed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which led to his first published novel, From Here to Eternity. The Thin Red Line reflected his combat experiences on Guadalcanal. His last novel, Whistle, was based on his hospital stay in Memphis, Tennessee, recovering from his wounds."

As I recall one of his recurring themes was his distaste for commissioned officers. I would recommend FHTE but caution that his books are tomes.


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