The Thick of It - The end of an era

Tragic that Saturday's episode was probably the last one ever.

A few excellent comments to go out with (from the Guardian):

Emma: "What the **** are you trying to do? Prove the Mayans right?"
Dan: "I like getting on my high horse. I look good on it. Like a knight."
Peter: "Stewart, any thoughts from within your ******* dream-yurt?"
Andrew, to Terri: "One of the many, many things that baffles me about you is that you remain unmurdered."
Malcolm: "You're not even Manchester's top Malcolm Tucker tribute band."
Peter: "I haven't felt this alive in months. I feel like I've had a health scare."
Malcolm: "Drive off like that again and I'll stick the meter so far down your throat that you'll be able to tell the price of your next shit."
Glenn, to Fergus: "I will lamp you ... with a lamp."
Glenn, to Fergus: "In the last two years you've bent like a human ******* palm tree, swaying to the gup of these six-toed, born-to-rule ponyfuckers."
Glenn: "Peter, it's been dreadful. I hope your cock falls off."
Andrew: "He's gone Glental."
Malcolm: "Out of my way, you ******* human mooncup."

But my own personal favourite:

Malcolm to Olly : 'I'm bitchin', busier than a two twatted hooker'.
A truly legendary series.

Are their any plans for any more episodes?
Stewart: "Changing this party has been like renovating an old building. You can remove the odd racist beam here, the odd homophobic roof tile there, but at the end of the day you realise that it's been built on a solid foundation of cnuts."
i'd never watched it until this latest series and i now need to go find the others as it is just fantastic. it also appears at times to be cringingly close to reality.

What the **** is this? Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, ****?
"Police station waiting rooms are heaving like the hedgehog carvery at a gypsy wedding."
Some absolute beauties that had me in absolute stitches this series:

"Mr Tucker told Mr Reader that he would smother him, eviscerate him, have him stuffed, fitted with wheels and donated to an orphanage."

"Mr Tucker told Mr Reader he would remove his appendix, throw Mr Reader away and appoint the useless flap of colon as special advisor."
The actual Goodling enquiry in itself was fascinating. I really enjoyed it although the series has lost its early charm. Bound to happen, though.

Capaldi is a brilliant actor! He really showed Tucker as an emotionally drained man.
This series was my first (non-boring) introduction to Brit politics - my old flatmate, who prolly swore as much as Tucker does made me sit down and watch the first season while both of us we getting wasted one rainy and cold evening. Had me in tears, even though I didn't understand wtf Tucker was talking about most of the time (due to the accent and phrases). Brilliant series! Had enough swearing in it to make me cringe (back in '10 as a fresh Yank expat here in the UK) . :)

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