The Thick of It - new series

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Your_Mums_Pal, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. Anybody catch this last night? I just watched it on iplayer.

    I was a late comer to The Thick of It and actually watched it on t'internet about a year and again on Netflix a couple of months back. It really is a fantastic program, really funny. I think I'll always believe that it's very true to life in some ways. Despite Tucker's swearing and some of the clear gags, it's just the overall incompetence that gives me a chuckle.

    So the first of the new series was on and we're now following the fictional coalition government (Tory and Lib Dems obviously) which means that the stars of the first three seasons are a bit more in the background. Most of the cast are returning, they were opposition before, and they weren't too bad at all. I like the Peter Mannion character, I've got more sympathy for him than I did for Hugh in the first couple of seasons and Nicola in the third.

    The in-fighting amongst the Tory/Lib Dems is really well done. They're supposed to be a united government but still trying to shaft each other with policies and steal each others ideas etc. Ultimately, the Tories pluck what they like best from those ideas and basically take over the policies and the Lib dems resent them for it.

    Episode started a bit slow, some of the jokes were a bit flat (although the Doctor Robotnik line was ******* great) but as it picked up it just got funnier and funnier.

    Preview for next week's episode, with Tucker looking fed up and defeated as Nicola Murray is now the fictional Labour leader, looks brilliant, though.
  2. Loved the previous series and tbh was a little disappointed with the new one. Pleased to see that the proper characters are back next week - Ollie, Nicola and Malcolm; that will improve things no end.
  3. I really felt like they didn't do enough with Glen. I understand his move from Labour to Libs but he was hovering in the background, generally being treated like shite. I think the dynamic between him and Ollie is needed to keep him interesting.
  4. To paraphrase the great Malcolm Tucker, "TVNZ will have a programming schedule longer than a Leonard ******* Cohen song before we get to see this, the utter cuntflaps."
    Ah well the wait will be worth it no time that is. :wink:
  5. Too much ******* swearing for me.