The Tetley Bitter Men

The Tetley Bitter Men:

There's Flash (AKA Bill O'average/Thrush/Vic/Dulux). He's bitter because over the past week, I have successfully made him look a bigger cnut that he already was.

There's QMan9193. He's bitter because he had to join the TA to get his WO2 (he wasn't good enough in the real army)

There's PtP.......he's bitter because HE is in the TA and can't compete with us REAL toms.

There's Canteen Cowboy (AKA Ex Dvr1).............he just likes bitter, which he sups every night to drown out the memories of 'nam, 'Charlie' and 'zips in the wire'.

There's the female variant......Sniperbird......who'll be very bitter when she finds out that I named and shamed her as the first female Walter.

Now apart from being 'bitter men' (and woman), has anybody spotted what else all of these have in common?

Now I'm off to do me spuds.......
But I really love Tetley bitter , especially a pint pulled by a buxom barwench with a low cut blouse on so you see her amble t............... 8O sorry rambling here but such good memories :lol:


You forgot Baddass: Sad little civvy who couldn't press the right buttons on the posh telly in the ACIO and in fact get into the Army!

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