The Terrorist Hunters by Andy Hayman

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Poppy, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. bah! just popped out to Waterstones and there are no copies on the shelves :(

    Copies of a book by Scotland Yard's former anti-terrorism chief were today removed from the shelves after the Attorney General obtained a last-minute injunction preventing it from going on sale.

    The ban on sales of The Terrorist Hunters by Andy Hayman was issued by a High Court judge just before midnight after a hearing conducted by telephone conference call.

    It was imposed just as the book was due to go on sale, although internet bookshops were still promoting the book as a special offer today.

    The hearing which led to the interim injunction was sought by Baroness Scotland QC only yesterday despite the fact that the book, extracts from which appeared in The Times last week, was given to several agencies for vetting two months ago.

    Intelligence agencies, the Crown Prosecution Smith and the Cabinet Office are believed to have seen copies of the manuscript ahead of publication but it was not shown to the Metropolitan Police.

    The legal reasons for seeking the injunction cannot currently be disclosed. The ban on sales has been imposed temporarily and a full High Court hearing is expected next week.

    The book concentrates on Mr Hayman's years as Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations at Scotland Yard, which included dealing with the July 2005 bomb attacks and his call for a public inquiry into the events leading up to Britain's first suicide bombings.

    Mr Hayman is also highly critical of the way in which the Government's emergency committee, Cobra, functioned claiming it spent too much time discussing politics and not enough time on urgent operational matters.

    The book also looked at the murder of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko and gave a behind the scenes glimpse of top-level political and intelligence work.

    Sir Paul Stephenson, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, complained last week that he was not given a preview of the book's contents.

    He told a meeting of the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) that he was reluctant to give the book more publicity.

    But Sir Paul said members of the force’s watchdog may like to consider whether senior officers should be allowed to publish such books. He said: “I find it surprising as commissioner that I have no right on this occasion to have access to the book before it is published. That surprises me. It is troublesome and it does not help good conduct.”

    Mr Hayman, who writes for The Times on policing matters, said he was unable to comment on the injunction for legal reasons. Random House, the publishers of the book, also declined to comment.
  2. I'm sure it will be on ebay

    Editted to add:

    Not on ebay, not on


    Is on for release in the US in august :D
  3. Slim tome, no pics, cashing in on his somewhat shady, ineffectual time in this role.
    Bed hopping prima donna - ooh look at me , being driven round in a range rover with prot team - cnut
  4. Most of these " controversial " books are written by people who spend most of the text whining that they were passed over for promotion and that they would have done better than those at the top if they'd only recognised their " genuis "

    Good bedtime reading since it'll put you to sleep in no time
  5. Spy Hunter all over again. And that was crap to.
  6. Think I'll stick to the new(well I just got it!)Jack Reacher novel... :D
  7. Hayman? Another man ''allowed to retire'' over expenses!!!
  8. More like a victim of the bizzare politics down at the Kremlin; I'll take the rap for Stockwell, you don't do me for expenses....?

    Not that I was at NSY, there's no body armour thick enough to save you from the "MetKnife in the Back" so common at that graveyard of common sense.


    (edited for mong spelling!)
  9. I managed to find a copy in WhSmith. I wasn't going to buy a copy until it became hard to fin following the injuction.

    Its still a crap book though, written by a complete oaf!
  10. Im beginning to go off the new Commissioner.
  11. Flicking through FHM today; they had an article on Hayman, who they called "Britain's Jack Bauer". 8O

    Other customers were startled by my hysterical laughter... :lol: :rofl: :rofl:

  12. Good,

    It was Peter Clarke who held the Command.
  13. Andy Hayman couldn't keep his brains in his head.Absolute oaf,who did no good in Essex Police before.Now Peter Clark was a far better man for the job.
  14. And Hayman had such a wonderful track record whilst head of the Directorate of Professional Standards as well.......
  15. Can I just say, yet again, it was Peter Clarke who held the command.

    Ignore this bloody book.

    It is being challenged.