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Iraq sheltering al-Qaeda says UK

There is evidence al-Qaeda "operatives" are being sheltered in Iraq, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair's spokesman has said.
It is the first time that the British government has explicitly linked al-Qaeda and the Iraqi regime, which flatly denied the claim.

Iraq is not the only place I suspect where Al-Quaeda operatives are currently in hiding. For those that make these sort of decisions, I implore you, to do an immediate check of minicab firms in London, Birmingham and Manchester. It just occured to me, because of 4 reasons.

1. There are an awful lot of minicabs parked in Mosque car parks hereabouts.

2. When the local news was covering stories of Al-quaeda fundraising at Mosque carboots, one of the vehicles had a minicab licence sticker.

3. It is well known in this area, that new immigrants and illegals are given employment within the community in this fashion. This is further proved, when an illegal driver is involved in a serious RTA, the investigators have been told, in at least two cases I know of personally , "He has gone back to Pakistan"

4. What better way to covertly recce an area or deliver a payload? Can you remember what your last minicab driver looked like?

Trawl them now, you'll be surprised what you flush out, if he runs, it may not just be over passport issues.

I can't help feeling this is another prediction. Remember the Channel tunnel discussions on this board?

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Worked for the IRA.  Anyone here remember the black taxis of W Belfast? - Or are they stuill in use?  

They were a combination of APC, recce vehicle, QMs truck and ambulance.   Very versatile!


Totally out of order!!

I'm with PTP on this one, who would ever suspect that a taxi driver could be involved in terrorism, yet alone want to recruit one??

Buck Ijit !  Use'uns 'll be looking at barmen and ice cream vans next.

Get back in yer barrel and down the Lagan wit ye

Quare gag!! ;D
Tube looking for a bite............wrong site mate 8)