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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by harareboy99, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. Was impressed with them during the riots a while back giving some hippy parasites a good slap.

    and have heard them mentioned on here before

    from wiki:

    Sound like a good bunch of lads.

    Anyone that pissed off the Shami Shakrabati mafia gets my blessing.

    So should we expand the TSG to give more criminals a kicking? And can Dorset Police set up their own branch? In fact, make them go country wide. :twisted:
  2. Used to drink with a couple of these guys and they were sound.
    The work life seemed pretty cool too, much time off out of the way, brought in to live in the gym for a couple of weeks, taken out of the box when there was a direct threat or reason. Then kept locked in the back of a van until the usual plod had either sorted everything out or failed to sort everything out at which point the van doors were opened and the big dogs were let out.
    Que much more time off work whilst the paperwork was done for the heads they cracked.

    Might be a bit expensive to have these chaps sitting about so much but when things are too out of hand for your local PCSOs or 12yr old rozzers to fix it's nice to know that some massive uniformed ugliness can be put to work.
    Im pretty sure they do a lot more stuff we never hear about with a lot nastier folk than the occasional crusty or lefty journo.
  3. Like the French CRS? Gets my vote! 8) :twisted: :D
  4. The CRS are much more 'nails' they are proper in barracks, get to use CS/water cannon on a much more regular basis, are armed and don't seem constrained by the Brit. love of furry cuddly creatures...
  5. Some of the lads on here who served in BAOR remember the old West German riot police; every one of them seemed to be two metres tall and built like Arnold back in his glory days. And with more kit than the average Infantry company! 8O 8)

    IIRC, it used to be possible to do National Service in West Germany with the Riot Police instead of the Army. As long as you met the RP's standards.

    Anyone who sets up a British version of the CRS will be in danger of being trampled by the rush of ARRSEr's trying to sign up! :D
  6. I seem to recall you mentioning you were a student? And a Zimbabwean immigrant?

    Quel ironique.
  7. Consisting of mainly 5'6" 'chippy' ex-para Jocks
  8. Sounds like top fun.

    The Spanish plod have a great trick - when a football riot kicks off they pre-emptively put a CS grenade into every pub nearby to "discourage" others from joining in. Sucks if you're an innocent out for hangover scran though :puker:

    (edited for spac-hands)
  9. Hmmm the TSG....

    Know lots of them actually. I don't think they attract ex squaddies in any greater numbers than any other part of the job and apart from being allowed two hours a day in the gym when not on commissioners its not that much different to the rest of the police.

    Some units are better than others (as you would expect) and they need strong leadership, but given the nature of what they do its hardly surprising they attract complaints. Very fit boys and girls though, with a surprising love of doing stupid things for "charidy mate"

  10. The "Academic Response" makes for an interesting read though - almost supportive of TSG tactics, especially in riot situations.

  11. They don't just "sit about" when not needed in a public [dis]order situation. Their work is very varied actually. They work in small numbers targeting hotspots, working proactively with lots of stop and search and so on....amongst other stuff, my borough often has a carrier floating about. It's just that the "riot police" bit gets picked up by the media whereas the other stuff isn't as intersting.

    I've always found them to be very professional police officers that are extremely good at their job.
  12. Proffesor Waddington has done some really interesting stuff on Public Order policing and has spent a huge amount of time on the ground with the Met during both peaceful and violent incidents. Never heard of the other one though.
  13. You're jumping well up the wrong tree fella.

    I don't need to justify myself to you, but im neither an immigrant or a student.
  14. I'm on the Taffplod equivalent and it's not a bad number though, due to the fact not a lot happens down here in Welsh Wales, my lot have had to diversify into other jobs such as advanced door bashing, and searching but it's not a bad number and very similar levels of cameradery and team working as I used to enjoy in the mob.

    By it's very nature the TSG (and it's county equivalents) do attract a lot of complaints as they are generally deployed to deal with violence, and violence sometimes has to be used. An organisation like the Mets TSG must get boat loads of them due to the size of the department and the population it deals with.

    Though we're all in trouble once Western gets here! He hates the Met more than shami does. ;)
  15. A mate I drink with is TSG, and an instructor at Hendon. He's a good guy, a bit "physical" after a few pints, and a bit intense sometimes.

    After chatting to him about his job I can understand why they have to work and train the way they do.

    That said, they do enjoy a ruck.