The Territorial Army still has much to offer

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. police5009

    police5009 Clanker

    Course it does and its the way forward for the countries armed forces.
    Funny just been down the local watering hole and the bar maid and a customer were talking about the army. Her husband joined the TA when he was young but "he always regretted joining the proper army as the TA is a pretend army"
    Oh how times have changed for some of us!
  3. The British TA are better than most other countries regular armies!!!!
  4. police5009

    police5009 Clanker

    When on tour people don't realise who is TA or not, well not until our webbing falls apart! lol
    Our country won wars on TA. We are the best of both worlds.
  5. That was Craven A's wife probably! Have you read the shite those mouldy old stabs write about us on here? 'Hard men, war junkies' and some other bollocks.

    Did you bung her a slice?
  6. police5009

    police5009 Clanker

    Mate I tried but she seemed interested in her husband for some reason, I was going to pull the Afghan card out but thought I would leave that for the arrse's on here.
    I myself just relied on my good looks and charmed to get blown out as usual.
  7. Have you tried rohypnol?
  8. King-walt

    King-walt War Hero

    I say we rename the terminology STAB to "Special Tactical Assault Bears", um, can't think of something more appropriate for the B?
  9. polar

    polar LE

    So nothing new then...
  10. CC_TA

    CC_TA LE

    Don't give up the day job! :)
  11. King-walt

    King-walt War Hero

    Wow, a new slang quote!
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  12. ThesTiff

    ThesTiff Swinger

    I do hope that is sarcasm.
  13. Tinman74

    Tinman74 Guest

  14. I was on an international reserve forces competition at Redcar a few years back and the top UK team came 6th I think.

    Ze Germans came 1st and 2nd.

    The RLC TA Shower unit must've been on ops...
  15. Anyone seen any plans of how we grow to 30K yet? Given the previous cuts to the TA it would seem we're not starting from a great baseline to meet target...