The terrible hardship of being a Welsh Civil Servant

to be fair, a welshman's idea of massage is a brisk rubdown with a sheep!


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Come on, have a heart.

Civil Servant

They don't have a lot going for them, so perhaps they need the services of a masseuse.
Welsh civil servant.

The only employed people in Wales are civil servants be it the common meaning of the phrase or police or working for the NHS. There are no other jobs in the principality are there?
re jobs
what about targets for the RAF or live practice at brecon
its a hilly 3rd world shithole they'd make perfect candidates
60% of Welsh Jobs are civil service, Wales would be full of doley sickness benefit scrounging bastards.........oh it is anyway!!
You've been to Rhyl I see!

That said it used to have Indusrty, till it got fucked over to make South East England happy.


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Lots of stress due to all our coppers still being in London

We heard the sigh of relief from 200,000 sheep up here in Newcastle. Can you take it steady next time? Your sheeps breath is fucking minging.

And we don't need another fucking shed one
Miner. Could somebody note the name. Thank you. Miner. I don't suppose anyone knows where his Mam walks her dog? Forename and postcode. Now.
You've been to Rhyl I see!

That said it used to have Indusrty, till it got fucked over to make South East England happy.
The Rhondda is full of "sickies" I am thinking of setting up a chain of "sickie disabled aids" Shops in Wales & Scotland so I can pay off my pad in Surrey.....more bubbly anyone....chin chin & all that
It's just the Cardiff lot messing it up for everyone else.

Why they can't just carry on screwing the budget quietly like the rest of the Assembly. Job creation scheme for graduates unable to get jobs elsewhere, but who can speak Welsh.

The masseuse is probably stroking their egos only, if they're like some of the pompous lot kicking about the Capitol. The damage they do to the reputation of God's Country is second only to Suetonius Paulinus and his little trip to Ynys Mon; thoughtfully described by Tacitus thus-

“On the coastline, a line of warriors of the opposition was stationed, mainly made up of armed men, amongst them women, with their hair blowing in the wind, while they were carrying torches. Druids were amongst them, shouting terrifying spells, their hands raised towards the heavens, which scared our soldiers so much that their limbs became paralysed. As a result, they remained stationary and were injured. At the end of the battle, the Romans were victorious, and the holy oaks of the druids were destroyed.”

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