The Ten Diseases of Leadership

Discussion in 'Officers' started by This Tribe, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. This Tribe

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    I was privileged enough to have heard Richard Holmes speak of the subject of leadership and remember his 'Ten Diseases of Leadership' as being both very funny and very accurate. Unfortunately whilst I can remember snippets of them I haven't managed to find the full lot written down anywhere. I don't suppose anyone has managed to either purloin his speaking notes or took the trouble to write them down?
  2. **** MtC is that some all time record - return serve in 4 minutes.
  3. I'm actually surprised someone was so helpful and you didn't get the usual, google it or use the search function.
  4. I zapped a spammer within one minute once, and I was just killing time whilst waiting for my PC to bludgeon windows live mail into working properly, or indeed at all. The novelty of being nice outside the NAAFI hasn't worn off yet.
  5. I must admit I have noticed a certain reticence in your post/s. Righteo then, fess up, what have you done with the real MtC?
  6. I'm polishing my karma before I go walkies over your way, to be eaten by dropbears no doubt. Not before end Feb. though, I'm hoping to avoid the worst of the hot weather.
  7. Pass friend - only MtC knows that he's walking the Bibbulum Track. Aaaagh.......I can feel the blisters now, reminds me of the elastoplast over my body to stop the pack sores.
  8. The Track Foundation's rule of thumb for pack weight is 1/3rd of bodyweight...30kg in my case, No. *******. Way! 'How the ****', I wondered, 'could you possibly need that much kit for a civvy bushwalk?' Then I looked at their recommended packing list, christ almighty...