The "Telly Tubbies" indeed


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That blonde is a real babe! Imagine a 3some with her and sister. Or better yet, with mummy!


Really sad story.
And both the daughters weigh even more than i do!!!
Both parents weigh 24st, is their bed reinforced!!


Dear God, "We don't have time to diet" the girl is studying to be a hair dresser. Its not as if she's doing a doctorite in egyptology, I loved being a student as it ment I had loads of free time left after a part time job and studying to spend down the gym.
They say they "don't have time to diet" - I say "spend less time filling your fat faces". And how can they claim they need more in benefits, when they've obviously got plenty of cash to spend on pies.

Its a good advert for "workfare" though, where you have to do work allocated to you by the state to qualify for benefits. This lot could be given some healthy outdoor physical activity (like mending holes in the road, cleaning litter and dogsh1t off the streets etc) before being able to claim any benefits. They'd soon lose a bit of weight.


Don't know how to lose weight ffs, how about selecting repitition instead of automatic on the pie delivery selector switch.... fat bastards :evil:


It’s not our fault we can’t work. We deserve more.

They deserve to be put down, too fat to work :roll: They are a pathetic excuse of a family. Fat people dont bother me but fat people who claim that their size is a disability disgust me. I wouldn't give them any money at all.


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Mitchthebar said:
I am simply lost for words after reading this. The lazy fat cunts. :x


Fatty fatty fat fat! May them all die from clots and such!


I loveed the pears bit :D

It's not like they're just fat, they're fcuking massive.


Their GP may be able to provide free membership to a local leisure centre.
This is offered by most GP's these days & would benefit this family even more.
Their excuse that they can only watch TV all day on a borrowed set shows that in their own minds they are doing nothing wrong, but will be a burden to the NHS in years to come!!!
Can't we just burn them for fuel?
I want to be like them when I leave-a lazy waste of taxpayers money-hey just like my last Report said!


Mr Chawner said: ‘We love TV. It’s on from the moment we get up. Often I’m so tired from watching TV I have to have a nap.’

Wonder if they have a TV Licence...?
bet they can sh1t.