The tell-tell signs of a goer

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rod924, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    IMHO and experience, they tend to be excessive jewellery, rings or necklaces.

    Who agrees with this observation, or what other 'signs' are there?

    <edited with bigger photos>
  2. You're obviously very ugly!
  3. Wait for what? 8O
  4. Who wants to wait? Must be sh*te in the sack!
  5. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Quality reply, well thought out
  6. Any girl who makes you wait that long has probably got a thatch like Bin Ladens Beard. Lift up her skirt, if it looks like an Al Jezeera News presenter down there then start running and don't look back even when you hear the sound of the sheep shearer's clippers.
  7. Alternativly she might have morals and is worth the wait.....
  8. You can tell by a certain look in their eyes...hard to describe, but you will know what I mean!

    It never fails and I will get the chance to prove it again when the court order expires!
  9. A real goer should have the ultimate combat indicator, a litre of range glue running off his.......errr her bottom lip.
  10. Good call TA :)
  11. Huge purple vibrator in her bathroom.
    Admittedly this is based on just one individual but I'm sure it will prove indicative for the entire gender.
  12. Good Gad! The perfect opportunity to opine long and hard on the virtues of posh totty, so far overlooked by all.

    Well of course, pearls, rings, dress sense are the sure signs of a “goer”. Upper class sorts are past masters at subtle persuasion and any likely lad soon learns that an expensive cover is no bar to a dirty interior.

    The opening gambits (namely knowing at least 3 public schools, that Royal Marines are Navy, and that not everyone is called Rupert) can be tedious but the effort is usually worthwhile. How do you think this class have lasted so long? They go at it like rabbits and are more than happy to indulge in Nigerian practices with the best of them.

    Good luck and be sure to report back.


  13. Brilliant punchline
  14. Wears a QA stable belt - generally a good sign she will put out. RAMC / RADC a close second.