The Telephony for drunks...

Okay.. which one of you ARRSERS is in on this one? Sounds like a MDN scam to me.. but, hey.. if it makes a buck or two and it saves just one lad, then...

A Cellphone aimed at drinkers is being put on sale in Britain [ story was in the Sunday Times so its got to be true, right? ] Samsung LP4100 targeted at hard living, hard drinking people [ squaddies all no doubt ] promising to help them avoid drunk driving and drunk dialling.. If the user has exceeded the drinking limit when blowing into the phone, it gives a warning. The phone can also block selected phone numbers in the address book such as former girlfriends, bezzers, bosses, parents and kebab houses...

sadly, they are not on sale where I live...
Drunken dialling, the cure ! SOLD what an excellent DTS tool

A Korean student who bought the device said recently: “You breathe into the phone and it’ll let you know how intoxicated you are. It sounds simple but I was testing one after drinking a bottle of Jack Daniel’s (whiskey) when I vomited all over the phone.”

Absolute quality!

Mind you, anything that stops you minging-ringing must be a good idea! :D
I can see it being passed around the group seeing who is most fcuked, prompting the losers to start hitting the shots to catch up. Fantastic.

Where can I get one?
Surly the prefect drinking phone should include the following features;

Ability to be dunked into a pint.

Prevent the taxi driver from stealing it after you left it in a cab.

Have a speed dial for the nearest cab.

Tell you where the nearest kebab house is.

Indestructible as its thrown across the street in a fit of rage.

Tell you when the number the bird just gave you is a duff.

any other ideas?
I can't see the point...That's half the evening's entertainment ruined!

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