The Teastained Flag

Discussion in 'US' started by alib, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. More Teabagger fun from a Mr C.Norris:
    This is dangerous territory in a nation fiercely attached to flag idolatry.

    Taken into battle to repel the neo-Redcoats plans to unplug grandma:
    But oh dear the Socialist/Fascist Dems seem to have taken to the Betsy Ross flag. Darn these pesky death panel mongers.
    I actually think Chuck is being a bit PC here. I would have thought a modest display such as this would be more fitting Redstate blow to Barry's big government.
    Waving Old Dixie's all about State's Rights and Freedom innit?
  2. Americans apparently aren't supposed to protest a black leftist president. "Dat am race-um, aiiiiiight"!!!

    More like liberals thought public protests were an exclusive part of their fiefdom and didn't like the negative attention so many thousands of protesters gathered in Washington D.C. brought down on Obama and his crooked, incompetent and probably traitorous administration. Flags of revolution and rebellion will be the least of Obama's problems for the remainder of his one term presidency.
  3. So I take it you don't like Mr Obama, mush?

  4. Few do.
  5. I see. So that's why he got elected by the majority of Septics then, is it?

  6. Obviously you don't see much, Paddy. Many of the misguided and ignorant peeps who voted for Obama didn't know what they were getting, but now they do, hence a one termer Obama will be. :wink:
  7. viva la revolucion

  8. Yoo velli fonni man, Lonni_numbaz.

    So the folks who voted for the outright Psycho Bush were essentially right and they should have voted another even more outright psycho, John McCain, into office. Is that what you're saying, Ronnie numbers?

    By the way, my name's not "Paddy", but you Canadians always seem to get it wrong.

  9. Glad to see the art of reasoned debate has not died out across the pond.
  10. Trying out your "be a human" impression again, are you ctauch?

    Does your Ma, who's also your sister and your wife, know you're on the computer again, redneck? :)

  11. Oohh! Get you! I won't mention that favour has a u in it , but I will say hypocrite has an e on the end of it.
    And don't even get me started on "involuntary" or even "outrage".
    Are you going for the "Most Spelling mistakes in 1 line" award or just the "I'm the touchiest prat on the site" award?
    Either way, you're in with a shout. If you are going to get all bitchy and Princess Precious about things, at least pull yourself together and make a bloody effort.
    This just isn't good enough, you know.
  12. No, flavor doesn't have a "u" in it, unless you like to spell like a Frenchman.
  13. Don't forget that ctauch is the resident banjo-player in his redneck part of the world, and it's difficult typing with six fingers on each hand.

  14. Or an Englishman... :wink: & this is an English site so it would only be sporting.

    Nice flag btw, I had no idea of its historical connections & had always wondered about it.


  15. It's "fork out", numbnuts. And I've never given any dosh to PIRA.