The TAX rebate for hair cuts , boot polish and starch?

Does anyone know the truth re the "you can claim for a tax rebate for " haircuts, boot polish, starch, and anything else we use as part of our job.

Only had a gobby RAF Sgt telling me his mate knew a bloke in a pub... etc.

If it were true we would all be doing it so as we are not it cannot be... QED!
Give your local inland revenue office a phone and they should advise you. Do be aware that you will have to file a tax return and it is a balls ache. Is it worth it for the return of your vat on your haircuts and a few tins of kiwi?
It's an urban myth unfortunately. The tax office will give you chapter and verse but bascially you have to prove "sole and exclusive" reasons for anything you claim against tax. You would have to prove that you would not have a haircut, ever polish your shoes or do some ironing! Sorry, I tried.

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