The tax form cometh! Help

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Resurgam, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. I have already put this on the JPA Help offered bit but had a worry that the kind helper was away and my need is pretty desperate.

    Silly me needs details from the 2007 p45 that jpa sent to the wrong address and refused to relay to me. I also need my pension stuff for the year ending apr 2008. Quite sharpish or those nasty tax men will fine me.

    Any ideas of civil numbers I can ring to start the ball rolling or even some e-mails as they would probably be better. or fax numbers. or anything. Help!!!

    I know I have left it too late but would like to try and do a regain. Embarassed
  2. You can gain access to your P45 recent and old on the ARMYNET, I think!!
  3. As I have retired I don't think I can get on armynet
  4. As I have retired I don't think I can get on armynet
  5. If you left in 2007 I think you'll still be able to register on Armynet and view your old P45s. Give it a try:

    Best wishes

  6. Are you talking p45 (issued when leaving employment) or P60 - annual tax statement? You should be able to register with armynet P60s from there, even if retired, for pension info try "Xafinity Paymaster" on:

    08701 971 510

  7. I am after the p45
  8. Once issued you won't get another P45 from JPAC - I don't see why you need it now, this form is given to a new employer to enable them to work out what tax you should be paying, if you didn't have one to hand in they should have asked you to complete a P46. If you need figures ref earnings and tax paid up to your retirement you can get this from your final pay statement.

    Hope this is of some use!