The Tangier Regiment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. 344 years ago this morning, at 0830hrs on Putney Heath, The Tangier Regiment of Foot was raised. Greetings to all Queensmen on this glorious occasion.

  2. Happy birthday Queensman, for your forefathers that is.
  3. Formed from the merger of 2 regiments of parliamentarians and 2 of royalists - now there was a an amalgamation from hell. Then they spent 35 years in Tangier!!!

    Tangier 1662 is the oldest battle on honour in the British Army still carried on the PWRR Regimental Colour. Only one other regiment has it - some donkey wallopers I think.
  4. or was it 11 days ago ?
  5. 'Our' battle honour is 'Tangier 1662 -1680' which is shared with the Blues & Royals, originally the Tangier Regiment of Horse, then the Royals or 1st Dragoons. This is the oldest battle honour in the British Army. The Grenadier and Colstream Guards and Royal Scots have 'Tangier 1680' as a battle honour. Red Arrses!!
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  6. Is that why you were on the bevvy early yesterday and why you were 34 mins late in celebrating your birthday? :oops:

    Take 5!!
  7. 13 now, I seem to remember....