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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by police5009, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone, i'm new on here and just writing to get some ideas from other people.
    I've recently returned from tour and back to my TA company.
    I've only been in a couple of years but I don't think I want to continue with the service.
    I enjoyed it when I was in but since returning I feel I see it in a different light, i have given it a go since coming back.
    People have remained at the unit and they seemed to have benefitted from others who have done tours.
    I realise everyone is not the same and some have done tours, although many years ago.
    It just seems the guys who have done tours are the mugs - even though that is what we are supposed to do.
    So the question is - do i leave with a bad taste in my mouth, or change units, or carry on and live with the outdated and lazy hierarchy.
    Would appreciate answers from people who have been in the same posistion as myself.
    many thanks in advance
  2. It takes time to settle back in. Give it a chance.
  3. Its the same for everybody mate. When I deployed, we had one lad who had bottled the mobilisation process at the last minute, and had managed to blag his way onto Sailing AT, driving licenses and other courses while everyone else was on tour. Same for people picking up while the majority of the fit, keen regular attenders were on tour.
  4. What you do on tour is only part of what you train for. It's too easy to think that routine training isn't appropriate, especially when you've "done it for real". But the reality is that the next time you're mobilised, you could be going somewhere else or used in a different role, so stuff that seems irrelevant could be important in the future. Some of the training you receive may be given by people who haven't mobilised, but that doesn't make it any less correct.

    On drill nights and at weekends, there's nothing to show who has been on tour and who hasn't. When you reach the lofty heights of the Sgts' Mess, there'll be some people there with miniature medals on their mess kit and there'll be some who haven't, people who have stories to tell and people who can only listen.

    Hang in, chill and see what happens.
  5. Think about it, you've come from a high intensity workload of a tour or tours with a daily workload back to a set routine and training program - You have people that are focusing on civvy work, family, social AND TA where you have come from virtually 100% military thinking for God knows how long. Might need to have a couple of months away from the green then get back into it or maybe a break then a change in unit/job.

    Don't lose heart or tear your hair out. (I went from TA to Mobilisation to FTRS and back to the regs - My head's all over the fecking place at the mo!)

    Have a break, kick back and chill for a bit. Don't make any knee jerk decisions.

    Hope all goes well.
  6. Hi I returned from H10, went back to my unit saw the same old faces cutting about and those who don't want to put their hands up for tour giving it big licks in the bar, and said **** it i'll put my hand up for another tour.

    PDT for H13 comes up so i'm on that with a great bunch of guys and have some of the best days of my life.
    Unfortunately was aeromeded back as a VSI and am trying to get back out before tour ends.

    The same people are still cutting about not doing their bit and I don't think I can go back to that. Without compulsory mobilisation, you have this problem. These people can now ride it out until 2014 knowing they don't have to volunteer.
    Meanwhile they will be soaking up MTD's, courses etc whilst those doing back to back tours make the numbers look good back at RHQ.
    It will be hard returning kit to the stores, but its alot harder facing these people on weekends telling you how to do things you have been taught differently in the regs by people who have done it for real, because in my experience these people are so set in their ways they do not want to listen.
    Good luck with your choice mate know exactly how you feel
  7. I echo most of the above, I sacked it.

    There are those who do the TA because they want to serve, but because of work, can't commit to a full career, they are willing and able to deploy and do, they are not always regular atendees, or first in the queue for AT or curry nights.

    Then there's the mongs, which for whatever reason are not turned away at the door, who see it as a hobby for other likeminded spastics, who like to wear the uniform but not do anything dangerous, like to tell everyone within earshot what they get up to at the weekend and are generally a ******* embarrasment.

    But it's ok, because these spastics will be promoted and they become "enablers".
  8. Facking well said that man.
  9. You will probably feel this way a good year, but stick at it at. Be an example to the new guys joining up, and pass on your knowledge. Don't worry about those who haven't manned up.
    Don't be a know it all, because you don't, and remember you're no super soldier just because the calibre of your seniors leaves a lot to be desired.
  10. I have to admit that post tour from my 3 tours I've felt somewhat remote from the rest of the TA "process."

    However, 6 months down line and I'm plodding on again.

    The Post Tour highlights tend to be daft things, like crap inter platoon Comp weekends when you whip out the SOP's issued to you for the tour you've just come from and tell the DS " GOC MND-SW says This is what you do or else..."

    Made I laugh when the PC and 2 full screws pulled that one on 3 stands in quick sucession
  11. Guys many thanks for all your replys, I agree with what everyone said. I'm not giving it big time but it is just depressing.
    I'm going to give some time out and see how it goes. As we are aware - I love being in the army.
    Its a shame that us like minded people aren't running these units - things might be different. One of the great parts of the army is the comradeship - you guys have it and its makes me feel better about the army.
    We stand proud!
  12. mate, not many bods return after taking a leave of absence. If you want like minded people running your unit step up to the plate - or you could quit because of lesser men
  13. dear fellow TA personel.

    i do agree, that after completing a ''tour'', life in the TA can seem a little bland, yes, the TA has its ''war dodgers'', however, YOU have shown YOUR worth and stood next to our brother regulars to do, and complete, a worthwhile job.
    WE, parade on drill nights, and see ''some'' hopeless cases of humanaty, be polite, beacause YOU know ''you'' did YOUR bit'

    in summery, hang on in, stand tall, be proud that your a ''STAB''...............
    WE stabs dont get many favours, but we do have pride........

    HANG ON IN dont let the weak grind you down,
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    I think you need to check your Caps Lock .. . . . .
  15. your= YOUR=you