The TA, what do you really think of us? (merged discussions)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Trunnion-Tilt, Aug 31, 2003.

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  1. I do my civvi job during the week and your job at weekends.
  2. ...
  3. QRK2, this is the naffi, your likely to become seriously damaged with talk like that!!!
  4. Thats better, more like a naafi bar now, especially this time of night. Been active only the once, did'nt like it so I went home. Now I'm sure you have something to say about that?

    I'm here cos i wanna be, not cos I gotta be!!
  5. QRM, you a battle seasoned special forces front liner then? Funny how 'QRM' sounds so much like a signals, well behind the front on radio stag sort of name, eh?[​IMG]

    Even STABs get further forward than a lot of full time soldiers...... then don't forget that there a lot of STABs out there who've already done their full time service.

    Just the TA because you get your weekends off makes you sound sort of childish :oops:
  6. Thanks PP. Quite a few of my unit are ex regs. Can you remember when we were refered to as TEDS? Anyone cast any light on what a TED is?
  7. The TA used to be a very useful asset to the UK armed forces in the good old days when regular forces were deployed in many many locations in the world, leaving the TA to guard the homeland.

    Nowadays, however, there are not many places left for the depleted UK forces to serve in. The Army has been reduced so much that the TA really becomes redundant.

    Perhaps the TA should be used for things like replacing the fire fighters or garbage disposal technicians or the like.
  8. Ta is originally designed on the home guard principle so id have no problem protecting my country by firefighting policing etc

    the Ta is vital because most infantry battalions (i think all bar gurkhas but not 100%) is short of men we can add to the regular battalions and bring them up to strength for tours and wars

    the way i see the TA is we are a bunch of blokes who are competant soldiers who can fill gaps and mobalise in formed units give us beat up training pre tour and we will be as good if not better than the regs because we want to do 6 months in ireland/kosovo
  9. This is going to end in tears

    It has also been done to death on the TA board.

    We are not as good as the regulars, after beat up, we are not as good as our regular counterparts, but know enough, not to be a danger and liability to ourselves and our regular counterparts.

    On completion of our 3/6/12 month tour, yes, we are as good as our regular counterparts, because we've put the time in with them on the ground.

    A note to senior NCO's , Platoon commanders, OC's etc. If we have had guys away on tours with the Regs, then we should be milking them of their expertise when they get back. "This is the way it is done in the regs at the moment"

    Great, then let's have that experince utilised.

    I am unsure, as to why this thread was posted in here, save to end up in a glorified B*tchfest.

    Kenny R. Your thinking is as behind the times as the Red Menace storming up from Brighton Beach.

    Eagle, can we have this transferred back into the TA thread, before it becomes a magnet for general unpleasantness?
  10. I agree. But is this not what the naafi bar is for. A place for heated dicussions about anything and everything? Dubious content and severe banter, one recalls reading on the door before one entered. I say leave it where it is and lets have some severe banter. I'm sure the label STAB is only from the minority, so let us hear more views.
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Having done my 23 years and now a TA WO and on a tour for 6 months and having served as a PSI. I think I can comment with some expertise- the TA are a gun club with a drink problem- quoted fron the TA board- makes me chuckle. I won't be extending my time with the TA on my return. Don't think I am tarring all TA as not very good as some are excellent- they are few and far between.

    The TA on tour do a vital job but they do it to a point when they say- I've had enough can I go home. They don't have that bit of 'extra' that puts a regular way above them. One thing the regular can be sure of any tours from now into the future will include a high number of TA, as it is the cheap* option, so get used to them and get used to how to handle them. They do require special handling.

    *: no high cost in training, no pensions, no quarters or meidcal or dental care- thats why the MoD loves us TA!
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Thought that was the point of the NAAFI? If you didn't like the abuse then you don't bother reading this drivel!
  13. Doesn't that apply only to some TA combat support/support arms (e.g. RSigs). Also aren't the people knocking the TA from similar units.

    (TT - have heard STAB used frequently by reg RSigs, never heard it used when I was in the Infantry)
  14. Doesn't that apply only to some TA combat support/support arms (e.g. RSigs). Also aren't the people knocking the TA from similar units.

    (TT - have heard STAB used frequently by reg RSigs, never heard it used when I was in the Infantry)