The TA weekend you wish you never went on

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_creature, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Been in coming up 5 years now and my last 2 weekends I have considering pretending to go man down to either get warm /dry or to end the nightmare of the weekend.

    My Most emotional TA weekend was December 2010. All the signs to make some sort of excuse to not sign the pay sheet and go home were prominent. First of all the 15 meter walk to the car, Frost everywhere and the winds were unforgiving. Next the journey to the TA centre, listening to the Radio and hearing them talk about the temperatures, I turned it over to a music station to ignore it and hearing everyone phone in to play their music to get ready to go out on the piss. Morale breaker.

    On arriving to the TA centre our full screw was in civies, he made some sort of excuse as usual on why he can't attended but came In to see us off. In fact no JNCO or SNCO from company turned up. On the coach to Salisbury plain there were 4 of us.

    Arrived on the training area and the companies were mixed due to low numbers, weather freezing and the Boss man huddled the lads to tell the blokes its going to be a cold cold night and to stick with it. Our enemy was our parent regiments RECCE platoon . ******* brilliant I think no sleep for me. Then he rambles on to tell us we will be holding an old Russian trench system and no Hexi/jet boils to be used. At this point I'm looking at the miserable faces of the blokes.

    We reach the trench hold it through the blistering Cold, you couldn't walk down the trench front ways, you had to side step down it due to webbing getting stuck, attacked all night by the RECCE platoon, mainly when i was in my doss bag,. BFA called on to the area to extract no duff cold casualties throughout the night , then the exercise ended with Tab and the BFA just followed us as people were dropping left right and centre.

    I was happy to be on the coach out of there,. I maybe infantry STAB but I'm telling you I would rather be back on patrol in Afghanistan then do that weekend again, or the last 2 I have been on.

    What's your most emotional Stab weekend/exercise and why? What's your units turn out on winter exercises?
  2. There was this weekend, where the beer was warm.
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  3. One day big crates came with these funny little rifles....
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  4. The horror.
  5. Same as when I was a regular. I hate Army "Organised Fun". All of it. Sitting freezing my arse off I'm doing the job. But save me from one more bone Quiz, half arsed Battalion Dinner or AT being dragged round Dartmoor in the name of being Challenged in a Civilian environment. I've driven land rovers across deserts and organised treks through Jungles. Babies Heads in Devon just ain't cutting it. I decide when I want to go to the pub, and who I want to go with.
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  6. I know this is going to get bone comments, but the just TA forum has been rather shit for months, so a serious comment,bone comment or banter will still bring a smile to my face a lighten things up abit
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  7. There have been times when conditions were tough and fuckin awful three days straight, but no weekends I regret. One that sticks in my mind is laying up in Brecon, in a part that was literally drenched and covered everywhere in an inch-thick layer of sheep shit, inside and outside the farm houses.
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  8. Cambrian patrol. Still going to do it again though.
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  9. Hmm, toss-up. I do remember the period that the OP was talking about - we were at Copehill Down late November and it hit -15 or something similar. Emotional time in the FUP!

    Brecon comes top though. First 48 hours of final ex - driving rain, the harbour resembled the Somme with a layer of sheep shit on top, trek for a patrol across 1 mile of ankle-breaking bog, recce, back again, remake the model at 1am in the sheep shit that wouldn't stick together and swallowed up the model kits in more rain, then get ready to head out again in the morning across the same bog after 1hr of sleep - and still covered in sheep shit.

    I hate sheep.

    But, I think that this weekend coming may be emotional...
  10. The one where I punched a twat and lost my first stripe for rising to the bait.
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  11. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Squadron weekend in the middle of winter in tents / bashas on a training area in Oxfordshire. As evening came on, temperatures dropped below freezing and we prepared to get some food on the go, the OC suddenly announced he had this very important thing to do and he'd be back in the morning. Got in his car and drove off to his nice warn house a few miles away, leaving the Squadron - and me as acting 2IC - totally speechless on the training area. That was really a great morale-boosting weekend I can tell you. Mind you I learned an awful lot from that guy about how not to be a leader...
  12. Worst weekend, mmm where to start.

    About 1986, we went From our TAC to Hawley lake for an FTX. Travelled in a coach as we did then. Cost effective on fuel and quicker. Issued with a tremendous 5 rounds each. When the coach stopped in the middle of the forest, we jumped out to unload our kit from the side bins. Very tactical at this point, headlights on people shouting and head torches to enable us to find our kit.

    We were promptly fired upon, and as per normal SOPs we fired a few rounds back. Now being out of ammo, we slung our weapons and carried on the rummage for our kit. Remainder of weekend was spent patrolling and any weapon sounds were da da da da da da.

    2nd weekend

    SENTA arrived Fri night and it was raining as usual. Saturday we had a brief and the plan was for us to lay a minefield to stop the Fantasians. Waited and waited for the sand and cardboard mines which turned up hours late. Off we went and spent the next few hours laying wet mines which were falling apart as they came out the layer. Around midnight, wet and exhausted we sent the message task complete.

    Received the reply well done now strip out. Next few hours picking up wet cardboard. Back to the harbour area, hours kip, quick bacon sandwich then a 2 hour drive back to TAC.
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  13. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    I joined the Royal Anglins TA after my regs in Engineers . Any way one deep and dark frosty weekend we were taken to thetford to lean how to sleep outside in bivis . Oh how they laffed at the ex sapper who brought his small blow up matress with him to sleep above the ground on .

    Next morning i got up all bleary eyed and dopey , arsked the Sgt oi sarge wheres the hot water ? Hot water says he , hot bloody water where do you think you are sapper on daddies boat !! Get got shaving in cold like the rest of us !

    So I picked op a bowl and wanderd off .
    Round the back of the trees and the shrubs the cooks had set up home , got any spare hot water cheif I arsked , Sure mate help yerself says he , bless him .

    I come back to the bivi area with a big bowl of steaming hot water and all eyes are on me , where ja get that says one of the lads , Daddies boat says I . Tell you what When I fineshed you can have it if you want . So aobut ten of them queue up to use tepid black water . With the SgT ( who never served in anger ) scratching his head.

    Any fool can be uncomfortable .

    also a good dodge was allways but allways to voulentier to clear up the kitchen when we first arrive at the camp on friday night. I got brownie points extra grub and also was left alone for the rest of the weekend .

    Mind you all we got on the friday night was warmed up pies and baked beans so there were no dixies and pans to wash up, rersult .

    the wosrt weekend though was the one whe my wife started to bring roger the lodger in whilst my back
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  14. I think you may have just won (lost?) this little game of 1-upsmanship...
  15. All you STABs need to man up.

    Soft civvies...