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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by HighHorse, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Morning all,

    I have my first meeting at the Army careers centre next week to talk about joining the TA. I have had a look at all the Units that are based near enough to me and the one that stands out is Military Intelligence based in Thiepval.

    I just wondered if there were any current TA members of MI on here that fancied a chat and more generally what is your guys opinion of them? and if you wouldnt reccomend joining MI who would you reccomend?


  2. The TA? Gash.

  3. Good to know - cheers
  4. A fine lot, you won't regret it. You seem a sensible sort so don't expect a full description of what sort of thing they get up to on this forum, suffice to say if you get through selection and training there are riches to be had.
  5. Excellent - thats just what I wanted to hear.

  6. I'm quite happy to discuss what they get up to - hope you like scrabble and sitting in a room full of like minded individuals all reading books....
  7. Be prepared to travel to Chicksands.

    Do you have any language skills?

  8. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    You do realise other people can read this?
  9. I'm loving the irony of the thread title.

    Join up quick son, you'll uphold the finest traditions of military intelligence.
  10. My spelling isnt good enough for scrabble, they give me a colouring-in book and let me sit in the corner on Tuesday nights.....
  11. Join The North Irish Horse (QOY) - Armoured Recce, much more fun.
  12. OP, I can see why you posted this here, but you may get better responses in the TA recruitment forum - or even the INT Corps forum. Just a thought.
  13. On second thoughts, don't post in the INT Corps forum; you'll get raped.
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  14. ha ha - thanks for the advice.....I gathered rather quickly that this place doesnt suffer fools lightly....and generally likes to hand out the odd dose of abuse for good measure

  15. I had a good chat with the guys at Armoured Recce at the open weekend - they all seemed like good guys actually, and seriously one I have been looking at