The TA Good News thread!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, May 26, 2007.

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  1. Right after the last 48 hours of Marvin the paranoid android posts I thought we should have a thread where we only praise the organisation we are in.

    Firstly welcome home guys and a job well done.

    Link 7th Bn Scots return from Iraq

    p.s. I've not become a happy clappy christian, just think the negativity needs balancing - a little
  2. Agreed, welcome home.

    Congratulations to 143 brigade for picking up the initiative and organising a Midlands challenge. Its proved very popular oop north and hope it does so round these parts.
  3. Your right - great news.....we'll be celebrating 100 years of this great organsiation next year!! Hooray
  4. It was thanks to the T.A. up in scotland that i was able to rejoin the Royal Signals. I loved every moment that i was in and would whole heartedly reccomend to any young person to consider joining the T.A.
  5. :clap: good news :scratch: well eh mmmmm! will keep thinking on that one will get back to you once Ive asked around but I won't hold my breath :party:
  6. Erm.. I'm attesting (finally) on Wednesday? Good news for me anyway... Perhaps not for the Army haha
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Had a really good field exercise a fortnight ago, and getting ready for camp in the USA with R&R over the July 4th holiday.

    Good news!
  8. They've let you guys back after last time? (Soz ..... )
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Different state, and no one said that our colonial cousins were that bright!
  10. EL, where did that quote come from? :?
  11. Cheers EL :wink:
  12. If it's praise we want to explore, I'm sure I can rustle up something.

    Joined in September, went on AT skiing in January, had some good well organised training as well as some (still) excellent impromptu lessons, a few socials, met new (pretty sound) people, had an insight into the army, learnt a few skills along the way. Made a few more bob, had an insight into a potentially very rewarding sub-career that can sit along side most civy jobs.

    Sure, there's been some date changes for training, camp, courses, medicals etc, but these (for me) have been things to have a moan about for the sake of it, rather than being causes of serious dramas.

    So 9 months in, am I glad I turned up to my local TAC (which if it wasn't for ARRSE I wouldn't have known about - the websites and literature were woefuly out of date) ?

    Hint: the clue is in the first line! 8)
  13. The good news from the South West is... it's stopped raining! :wink: Oh and the Bde Comd is coming down this weekend, but he won't see me coz I've made sure I'm on the range all weekend - winners!! :D
  14. In addition to passing on my congrats to those already mentioned on this thread, I'd like to say well done and welcome back to the members of W (Westminster Dragoons) Squadron, the Royal Yeomanry, just back from their recent operational tour in Iraq.

    We've prayed for you, missed you, welcome you and are proud of you.
  15. Well, if we are doing that sort of thing, then equal plaudits to the composite troop from 151 Regt RLC(V) that have just returned from a stint on HERRICK with the Commando Logistics Regiment, and best of luck to the composite squadron from the regiment due to deploy to HERRICK with 27 Regt RLC later this year.