The TA fat people

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by guest111, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. Mostly found in the corps of the TA and in smaller numbers the infantry. Will we ever get rid of the bastards. I like telling them a cft is coming up in the next drill night. Watch them jog at walking speed out the door untill adventure training is mentioned.
  2. a bit like the q at a reg med ctr .......................
  3. You've come a long way since October then that you're the one telling people what the training is going to be.... :roll:
  4. HHhhmmm me thinks they are the same person...
  5. Fixed that for you, Crow. Now shush and sit in the corner and read your Andy Mcnab....

    (and sort your spelling and grammar out.)
  6. previously posted...

    hmmm.... enjoy! its for your own benifit you know, not far to go now :D
  7. Gobby little cunt. Obviously a sudanese locust who cant run, cant tab, mongs it, but slags everyone else off.

    How can we get rid off them? 9mm to the base of the skull.

  8. dont waste your rounds....... bare hands round the throat works every time
  9. well looks like my fishing is going good. i seem to have brilliant bait.
  10. going to be one of those evenings
  11. Please tell me you're in my unit... I'd love to have a chat. If you are, don't bother with a chair when you drop by either, you won't be getting an invite to stay for tea and stickies seeing as you're anti-fat and a gazelle like specimen of personal fitness....
  12. You also seem to have amnesia, a disturbed memory condition and a bad sensor of grammar and spelling.

    Touché, nil-pwa :eek:
  13. Please define fat I would really like to hear you explain this one. :x

  14. sfub .... dont waste your time with the chat to guest 111 .... i will strangle the c@@t on the trg area .only me and you know whats happened . mums the word
  15. Steady DP, in a mere three months he has transformed from being a scared doe like creature,afraid in case the nasty DS shout, to steely eyed , experienced tom, able to point the finger towards people who dont fulfill his exacting , if only 22 selection was this week I`d piss it , standards.
    Infact, he is now so experienced he can even claim to trawling for bites.

    Damn those CIC instructors are `kin good, they spawned this in a mere two weeks