The TA are upon us.

I have reason to believe that there are TA using this site.

How do they have the time, what with being bin men. telling girls they are soldiers and buying everything they can afford from HM Supplies?
But remember, they don't do it for the money, they do it because they love it.  Well, that's what they tell visiting senior officers anyway.
I worked with a guy on OP GRAPPLE who was a genuine bin man, he was far more proud of that fact than of being part of the TA. Go figure ! (Truth be known hopefully he was a better bin man than he was a CQMS).
Fortunatley he was,
A. too old to talk to girls.
B. too skint to afford anything from HM Supplies, he was the CQMS so could have probably have sold them some kit however :)
A few weeks ago I was at a black tie do.  There was some punter wearing his mess kit.  This in itself appeared a little pompous.  After a while it dawned on me that he had no gongs, yet 3 pips - a bit rare in these days of tag dull tours.
I approached the buffoon and eventually managed to get out of him that he was, infact, a STAB.
My anger knew no bounds
Schimpfer you say they don't do it for the money!!  NOT TRUE.

As an Ex Regular who has just started this TA thing I can think of no other reason to mess up your weekends.  It is GREAT £80 a day for no real work and NO responsibility.  Plus the £1500 tax free a year....that helps pay for a nice little holiday.

I went to a piss up the other week, got 2 days pay out of it!  I would have joined the TA when I was in the Regulars (if they would have let me) it would have helped supplement that pathetic pay.  Roll on annual camp because my employer has given me extra leave to because of the TA commitment.

Cheers easy!

(Edited because of poor staff work)
I was being ironic.  Ofcourse they do it for the money.  Hence the unedifying spectacle of the annual scramble by the "bounty hunters" to qualify in Feb/Mar for the big hand out.  The TA must be the only organization in the world where you get a bonus for achieving a minimum standard.
well here goes a lamb to the slaughter. As a serving TA soldier I have to point out to you that due to govt we now are becomming more and more essential to operations. Yes the ARABS winge about our lack of training (you do better when you're only allowed to train for 30 days a year and 90% of it is useless). Lack of fittness again see above (with many of use working in fulltime jobs were physical fittness isn't seen as a priority and having to fit in having a life to you know like families etc) its not suprising. But dismiss us at your peril in my field nursing we in the TA are probably more experienced than many regular QARANC in providing care to serousily ill patients we've been at it for years while the QA's delt with young fit 18-60 year olds those of use in the TA & NHS delt with seriously ill people who needed a hell of alot more than the QA's were ever used to giving now with modhu's real nursing has come as a nasty shock to the QARANC. The heirarchy are even admitting this in Professional journals. Yes for allot of teeth TA soldiers are not great in support services like Medical we are allot more useful. BTW I am also very critical of certain aspects of the TA which will probably come out in subsequent posts.
No offence meant.  There are many parts of the TA, in particular certain specialisations, which have become indispensable.  The problem is the govt wants to get blood out of a stone.  FTRS runs at about 3-5% of total strength and will never get higher because most TA soldiers have proper jobs and families that prevent them from volunteering.  We have also created a paper tiger and I do not look forward to the day when our bluff is called.  In theory we have 11 TA Fd Hosps!  If all were mobilised and pooled together what would we get?  One, maybe two?
I agree. Don't forget 4 TA hosps are now to be higher status. Trawl's have been carried out to enhance them with proper staffing levels so the other 7 effectivley are manpower pools. We don't have the kit to equip the field hospitals anyway. The yank equivilent at its lowest readiness state holds 60% of its Kit we hold even of high rediness 0%. we're ment to lift one of the field hospital kits stored in england.
This thread appears to have been taken over by Nurses. No bad thing I suppose.

BedIn - I knew someone on the commissioning course who attended his graduation in his blues. I think it was a plan to attract the ladies, but it didn't seem to impress the slotted ones.
I think the TA do a great job and then they go and spoil it by going to a drill night or training weekend
I can cope with the entire TA, with the double exception of:
1) The HAC
2) Media Ops at Land

I met some of the bolkes from 'that' TA unit at DoY's in Macedonia last year - v impressive.


??? So what's your beef with the MOG lot ?  Or the Hackney Athletic Club for that matter ?
MOG lot . The civvie press officers I've met are fine, because they know what they're doing, but the failed magazine editors (Nuts and Bolts bi-Annual et al) who dance around as Lt Cols telling soldiers how to soldier and advising MoD on it's media strategy are the sort of people who'd be lucky to be traffic wardens if they tried to get uniforms anywhere else.
The HAC are fine. I have good friends in there and they're great fun, suitably bizarre and delightful. However, when they do go on ops they are v good at what they do - but you have to laugh don't you?


Know what you mean about MOG...a universal TA problem though - stick to what you're good at, within bounds, and don't try to pretend otherwise.  Thus the meeja professionals are ok at doing the press officer bit...but beyond that....

HAC - bizarre lot. Depends which bit of them you come up against I suppose.
HAC..bloody good bar and fab summer ball.

DoY mates..had a couple of them turn up on a defence FTX when I was in OTC. Adj said "here is Neil and John, they will be joining your Pl this weekend". "Who are they?" said I. "Don't ask fookin' stupid questions!" said he, and thus, Neil and John practiced their finely honed killing techniques with a bunch of 2nd year OCdts. Most scary. Good bunch though, but a if a group of nurses from the C&W hospital can out-drink H?
Right about the bar. Was there recently and we went for a drink in the Drum Room. Loads of Privates with DB7s and shooting estates drinking G&Ts whilst the blokes downstairs practiced. Odd, really odd.
An interesting selestion of replies, with the moderate centre having valid points from the TA and the regulars and the extremes coming up with the usual sniping of each other.

With the increasing number of peace keeping ops it's great to have the TA to volunteer for these to take the pressure off the regulars but I think this is a limited resourse.  I sympathise with any regular unit who has to do repeat tours in the same areas of the Balkans.

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