The TA are not Dads Army buffoons

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Purple_Emperor, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. According to the Telegraph

    The TA should not be used as cheap soldiers

    I agree with most of it, except for the reasons for people not joining. Does the higher chance of mobilisation switch people off joining and staying or is it the multitude of other reasons mentioned on this forum before?

    edited for forgetting which thread i was on
  2. I totally agree! I found, when dads' army fcuked up, it was funny. When the TA fcuks up, it usually isn't...... (no, honestly, it isn't!)
  3. Higher probability? Most of the people I know have joined in the last couple of years, partly because of the knowledge that it could mean being mobilised and with knowledge of how dangerous the world is at the moment. I think the figures they quote on recruitment are always a couple of years behind reality.
  4. I have to agree and i reckon that the mob' thing is a large factor into why people do not want to join and people leave, however saying that both the regular army and the TA have had recruitment/retention problems long before TELIC
  5. P_E, I find you guilty (after summary trial in accordance with the Human Rights Act) of thread proliferation in the first degree: this is already being discussed here.
  6. Dr E. With all due respect to your evil powers, I shall refer you to the start time of the two threads which clearly demonstrates that I, and not 'Monkeydave', wasted my employer's time first by starting a thread!
  7. How do we know that your computer's clock is set correctly? It's easy to fiddle those figures!

    In any event, your opportunity to raise that defence was during your trial (which you did not attend). Too late. Appeal dismissed.
  8. Can I have a glass of Water or is this the wrong thread?