The TA and War Pensions

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Filbert Fox, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. Does having a War Pension (20%) have a negative impact on joining the TA? Wasnt medically discharged, did 23 years.

  2. Sadly anybody with a War Pension can't join the TA anymore. By the very nature you are getting a WP you have suffered injuries that have given a lower standard of fitness with a reduced PULHEEMS. Glasgow now check all National Insurance Numbers against the WP database at Norcross in Lancashire. A few folk have been caught out and bucked out of the TA & lost their WP.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    I don't doubt what you are saying is correct, but can you provide a reference, as I am sure this question will come up in the future?

    I will add it to the FAQ.

  4. Love to know where you got your info from Kill and how many people youve passed this wisdom onto and put them off applying to join the TA, because its bollox, spoke to the TA recruiting chappies, unless you have a war pension because you were medically discharged then having a War Pension is no bar to joining the TA.
  5. My cynic-o-meter flickered when you quoted the answer given to a potential TA recruit by the TA Recruiting guys...
  6. Question, how come you have a War Pension? I have just had a word with my chaps about this and they also believe that to claim a WP you must have been injured or disabled whilst serving.

    If its claimed at the 20% rate I cannot see how you can be fit enough to join the TA, especially as you will be at the very upper end of age limits and therefore a bit of a liability unless you have specialist skills (I presume you do since it appears you are ex RAMC, but then again, I know a RAMC driver ;))

    Just confused how you have a WP but say you were not injured.
  7. I dunno about current rules but our previous Ops officer was on a full service pension, a lowish level war pension for SLR induced deafness and on a TA ADC contract. Admittedly, he wasn't P1/FE but then neither am I.

    I suspect it is actually quite easy to be damaged enough to get a pension while still being useful to the TA and, in many cases, fitter than people serving (TA and Reg.)
  8. In that case never believe anything they tell you again:

    He could have, like so many people who have left the forces, have knackered knees, shoulder injuries etc.. that they just cracked on with while they were serving and then applied for a WP when they left.

    You dont have to have been shot/blown up/ wounded in action/med discharged etc to have a WP.

    I had conditions (ruptured ankle ligaments etc..) that were caused by service 6 years before my 22 years were up, details of the injuries were recorded on my docs at the time. After the injuries I was never down graded or biffed for longer than a couple of weeks and I continued to pass my BFTs and CFTs, play football at a high level and deployed on Ops on numerous occassions. I left the Army after a full career, I applied for a WP, went to med board and was awarded a WP.

    The money you get for a WP is pitiful, however what it does do is give you a prescription exemption certificate, which is priceless. Some people have WP for skin conditions such as psoriasis brought on by serving in humid jungles or the desert. They will be on creams and lotions for that forever, imagine paying the prescription charge on each medication every two weeks for the rest of your life!

    As long as the conditions you are claiming for can be attributed to your military service and they are recorded on your med docs you can apply for a WP.

    there is no War Pension for less than 20%, less than 20% receives a one off small lump sum.
  9. Pretty much spot on Roy, Ive got psoriatic arthrisitis which is controlled by a daily drug, with the drug I have no problems, without it the pain is just as rheumatoid arthritis and the extra cell growth caused by the psoriasis in the joints would cause my finger and toe joints to deform and my ankles to become unbearable to try to move. Original Psoriasis came on during Sierra Leone.

    Never downgraded, was diagnosed with it in 2000 and deployed 4 times after diagnosis until i left.
  10. like they say 'keep taking the pills!' :)