The TA and The Falklands War

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by RustyH, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. Hello,

    Apologies for double posting in here and the TA forum but this is somewhat urgent!

    I have been tasked to give a ten minute presentation on the involvement of the TA in the Falklands. Not a problem except it is due for Thursday and has been passed down today.

    To my knowledge there wasn't a TA involvement in the Falklands because of the speed of the response and the TA being seen as a home defence force at that time. If anyone could provide any insights, experience or pointers in the right direction I would be extremley grateful.

    (currently at 10,000ft and climbing)
  2. Ten minutes on no TA being used in the Falklands. You're going to have to use a few fillers.
  3. Think the int corp might have been invovled and allegedly a couple of ex reg paras turned up at southhampton with there kit and stowed away.
  4. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Don't know of any TA direct involvement but here's a few points you might use?

    Quite a few units, especially training units sent a lot of kit to the Falklands. I was in an OTC at the time and we lost a lot of Clansman manpack radios.

    For years afterwards people were writing stuff off as having "gone down on the Atlantic Conveyor". We certainly never saw any of the Clansman stuff back!

    If I were you I'd concentrate on WHY it was so hard to use the TA on operations in the early 80s and look at the changes since to the RFA that have made us more usable.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

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  6. There were several rumours flying about; the most credible one was that some TA units would be mobilised to go to Germany and free up BAOR units to go to the Falklands.
  7. Like any presentation, try to turn the subject into one that you know/or can talk about, but ensure you answer the question or draw a conclusion. Your OP is vague as to the actual presentation title. If the assumption is correct and you are referring to Op Corporate, you could overview how the TA was aligned to the Army in the 1980's and where it could have been effectively employed, given the very short notice. You could also compare that to how the TA would be employed now, looking fwd to Army 2020 and a fully deployable reserve. you will find that once you have a 1 min intro and a 1-2 min summary, you will run out of time very quickly.

    Also, keep the use of power point to a minimum, if you have to use it, use bullet points and then talk to flesh them out, and make sure there are pictures to keep the interest of the audience.
  8. and rehearse it at least once, to someone other than a mirror.
  9. The idea that the TA was Home Defence is right out of order. There were both Home Def and Nato tasked units which on Ivan deciding on some Agressive Tourism would have been straight out to Germany. These units received the up-to date stuff before Regular and TA home-based units due to role. So when the Argies invaded I was in 6RRF in the NE and our mortars lost our long-awaited laser range-finders which they had been issued only a short-time before. Many pet-lips were on evidence as they were heaved onto a truck and the driver sent hot-foot to Plymouth.
    As observed we never got them back either, the Atlantic Conveyor being by conservative estimates about a mile-long with all the kit that allegedly went down in her.
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  10. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Not Op Corporate but when I went to the Falklands with the Argyll's in 86/87 there was a TA platoon attached for the whole tour. Beginnings of embedding TA into regular units?
  11. Scary Spice it would not have been hard to use the TA on operations then but it would have depended on the operation. The TA was not seen as a filler-in for the Regulars but as formed units. Some would have had responsibility for Home Defence and some would have been sent as complete units to fight in the NATO environment, very possibly at extremely short notice.
    It's not that it would have been difficult to use them, just that the tasks for which they were envisaged were totally different then. As Chef said there was talk that we would be sent to take over from Regular units in Germany if the need for troops down south called for it.
    Bliar changed all that.
  12. 289 Commando Battery RA (V), who at the time of Op Corporate were on the Orbat for 29 Cdo Regt RA, were mobilised, issued with dog tags, all ready to go before being stood down by the MoD. I joined 2 years after the Falklands War and when I asked a gun bunny why the MoD pulled the plug the response was, 'We were told "we're just a bunch of civvies"'. The colours went though.
  13. I seem to recall (but it might be Alzheimer's) that a TA/RMR petroleum troop went south.
  14. Quite a few RMP TA went to Germany as IRs to cover the Regular company that deployed.

  15. Trivial. The supposed manifest of Donnington Depot on the occasions the QMs dropped their zippos made Krakatoa look like a waste paper bin fire
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