The TA and mobilisation

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 3_Peco_Seconds_GO, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Is it down to company policy or do we resign then sign on as regulars?

    Im asking as I was under the impression we resign, however i've just been told by my manager, they just give me authorised leave.
  2. There is no legal or MOD need to resign - I never have. You can even continue to be paid on mobilisation by your employer (although that kills your entitlement to Reservists' Award.) That's also happened to me, albeit not recently ...

    In fact, I'd be very careful. If you do resign, that may affect your legal entitlement to reinstatement. Your boss seems fine about things now - but you never know what the situation may be in 9 months time (or however long you are doing).
  3. Thank you .. I doubt they will pay me as well ..
  4. I was once 'blessed' with a large employer with a staggeringly complex HR system. It was just too much like hard work for my boss to turn the pay tap off for the short period I was mobbed and then back on again.

    And that was under the old system, where the most I got in RA was about a fiver a day - so was on under half my civvie wage - and applying for RHA was damn hard work. Less important now.
  5. I am sure you are aware that your employer will have to agree to you being mobilised and that due to the current policy of "intelligent" mobilisation, you will already have sounded out your employer as regards the possibility of being mobilised (as nowadays most employers are now aware that you have to volunteer to be mobilised).

    Once you and your employer receive your mobilisation papers and you both agree you are going away, you will remain an employee (for example, the MOD can take over paying your employer's pension contributions into your pension scheme). When you demob, you take up your (hopefully the same) job after POTL.

    If you resign, you have no reinstatement rights (and the employer has no right to any of the compensation). I would strongly advise you not to contemplate this route if you intend to return to your employer.

    However, it might be appropriate if a) your military rate of pay is more than your civi pay b) your employer will appeal any mobilisation c) you really want to go on tour and d) you think your situation will let you find a new job without too much bother.
  6. I was in the happy situation of working for the UK arm of an American firm and when I went to FRY in the mid-90s, they paid me my normal salary while I was away (less the military pay). God bless American HR policies! :D
  7. Thanks MemSec, I do understand that my employer needs to agree to the deployment, however I dont think that will be an issue as they as in the process of sorting out contigencies as part of this, my boss is also ex forces so I am playing it safe and assuming he knows the score ... seems happy for me to go, just the more notice i can give the better ...

    The question came about due to my misunderstanding, I thought I had to resign, not been able to be employed in 2 jobs, in an email my boss pointed out they give me authorisation to go with no need to resign, I was just curious if this really was the case.

    All I need to do now is get myself on a tour :)