The TA and colour blindness

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Cooper10, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm a 33 year old male, based in Northampton, and am looking to join the TA. This isn't the first time I have considered joining and for one reason or another (usually business related) I have stalled but this time I am determined not to let life slip away from me with regrets later in life. I run my own business as an IFA (Independent Financial Adviser), however deployment and hard work are what I want as an outlet from my office and pen pusher lifestyle.

    I am colour blind. In truth, I have no idea what "colour perception level" I am but I do know that the Ishihara tests (where you spot a number surrounded by bubbles) is totally impossible and I end up shouting random numbers like a bingo caller because I can't see anything. Will my colour blindness stop me from getting into the TA, or can anyone tell me which roles I will be restricted to?

    I live a mile away from a REME unit but I am more interested in the Rifles which are based in Milton Keynes (about 20 miles away). I am physically fit, have ran marathons, done triathlons so I feel my only concern is my level of colour blindness. If I am restricted to becoming a chef in Inverness I'll end up giving it a miss, so I was hoping someone who has been there (or in the know) can put my mind at ease (or not, as the case may be).

  2. somewhere on this site is a thread all about colour blindness - regular and TA are supposed to accept the same standards. use the search funtion and you shall find (probably).
  3. Thanks for your response. I didn't locate the search facility in the first instance but have now.

    I have been told by the live chat on the Army website that I need a minimum of CP Level 4 to get in (to something). I then emailed the Rifles and said "I am colour blind, will that stop me from joining" and he replied "Yes". However, the search results indicate that colour blind people can get into the Infantry, so someone is misguiding me somewhere!

    Are there any colour blind people here who are in the Rifles?
  4. Rather than trying to work out the rules yourself or relying on chatrooms (even the Army's own), I suggest you take yourself to the nearest recruiting office and ask the 'experts'.
  5. Click on the red or green tab
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  6. Cruel but funny...

    AFAIK infantry do not have any problems with colour blindness, although TA Yeomanry regts who train on Challenger cannot accept colour blind recruits due to safety issues on the tanks.

  7. Load of bull. I'm CP4 and I'm TA infantry.

    Oh and PM sent
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    The Army uses the Ishihara book for the initial test. If you prove red/green blind on the book, you are automatically graded as CP3 and then, if you are trying for a trade that requires a certain level of Colour Perception, you are given the HW Lantern test. No one is graded above a CP2 on their initial medical unless they are becoming a pilot or SAS soldier.

    You shouldn't have anything to worry about as an Infantryman. Indeed colour blindness supposedly assists in camouflage detection. Just go along to join as normal and let the doctor at your medical worry about your CP grade.
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  9. Thanks everyone.

    I must say that given that they are on a recruitment drive at present, it seems silly that whilst I thought I was doing the right thing by e-mailing the unit, they seem to have given duff information. If I wasn't as persistent they could have lost a recruit then and I may have taken up life drawing instead (obviously without colouring in).

    I'm not that keen on trying for a trade as I feel I already have one that I am happy with in my civvy life so hopefully my eyes won't stop me too much.
  10. Theres a joke lurking here. Something along the lines of "a STAB in the dark!" unfortunately im not clever enough to think of it!
  11. Might use that as a chat up line if I get in.
  12. As previously stated, get your arse down to the recruiting office and find out....... there are some jobs that require a colour perception, but again there are some jobs that don't! if your as interested as you say you are...stop fannying around on here and go and ask the experts!! job done!
  13. Well said, and I am meeting the office next Tuesday to see how we go. Thanks again for all of the replies.
  14. I am color blind, massively and was accepted into RGJ
    when i joined REME theer were certain trades i could not do, such as electrician, avionics tech, but other than that no probs.
    Would be fun in bomb disposal though :)
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  15. Well done. You've been fucked about and mis-informed. Welcome to the army, and the first of many happy **** ups.