The T.A and the ARMY

Im just looking to find some experiences of yours in the territorial army, im sure some of you must be ex-ta. What is the general view of the T.A in the army and how does there training/day to day activities compare? I've already passed selection and join the Army on the 22nd nov but my sisters ex has joined the TA, he says it will prepare him for the 'real' army. He also says that T.A selection and training are the same as the army but im not so sure he's right. Cheers for your help fell... chaps! :)
BornSlippy said:
I know but the Army advert makes it looks more like an adventure holiday than hard work.
It is, Frank is always skiing.
Frank must have done his 22 by now??

Or is this Son of Frank , carrying on the family tradition?

After you with the Jet-Ski Frank Jr. :)
Frank never did his 22, he PVRed after 2 NI tours, back to back weekends on gate guard, getting a Doris up the spout and being passed over for promotion after a punch up down the 'shot.

He's now a security guard at Asda and still has a bad knee from all that skiing.

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