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Anybody think the Sustainer has gone down the sh*tpan? I've just got the Feb 06 issue and honestly what a bag of Boll*cks. Circuit boards all over the cover? Incorporating the Volunteer? Some photos a 3 year old could have done a better job of. It's nice to read up on all thats happening corps wide but do me a favour!!
I’m not so sure. I think it’s a lot better than it was. I think the blue bits at the front from DRLC (which no-one reads) are pretty good I think the Corps rag will only be as good as the articles printed in it. Things I couldn’t give a chuff about:

1. The AMA expedition to Mount Everest
2. MPC Cse photos
3. “Work Hard / Play Hard” Montages
4. Chest Waxing
5. Ironman triathletes
6. Anything that involves people who aren’t in the Corps (who are Thunderer Sqn?)
7. All those minor depts like the defence Rail and container service/ HQ NSE/ HQ MND,

The journal could do with majoring more on Unit news (both Reg and TA) however, that will only be possible when there is a drive from Regts to publish stories and articles that are interesting, relevant and humorous.
goon_bde said:
i think the digitally enhanced TRF on the chick-pic on front inside cover is particularly good....

The major thing that pi*ses me off about the Corps Rag though is the delay on the articles. Most things in there happened not weeks ago, but months ago. I'm not long in joining 1 LSR here, but to read about vehs preparing for Poland is seriously very old news. Surely in this day and age, we should be printing stuff that has just happened; "Current" affairs.

Besides that, I've read worse.

I agree with the MPC Course photos, who really gives a sh*te, better would be a picture nominal roll of all people who had failed courses and why.
Percy_Pigeon said:
dpm_mirkin said:
Oberleutnant_vn_Genschler said:
dpm how about if the photo had all of those who stand at the back and opt out of 90% of the course on medical grounds being on the photo in issue PT kit holding chits!
Only if their chit allows them to !!
Or just before the promotion boards are out, line everyone up who thinks they are getting promoted, take the photo, then if they don't come off the board the whole corps can ridicule them....fair one.
I nearly pissed myself at DRLC's comment about the Gore Trophy:

"I take my hat off to the team from 3 Regiment who had so recently returned from TELIC and had just begun their post-operational tour leave and STILL competed in the event - great spirit and deservedly winning prizes as well"

I bet they were DELIGHTED to cut their POTL short to compete - you can just imagine it: CO "RSM find me a team of volunteers for the Gore Trophy", RSM " Yus, sah, I know just the men!".
dpm_mirkin said:
Thing is, does anybody know the idea of the circuit board thingy on the cover. Fcukin' silly really!
Just off the thread a mo, are you froma town beginning with L in the Midlands??used to like to rugby tackle people on the way back from sigs div in the dark??

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