:( 2nd PUS and VCDS on Feb 3 signed an order removing the publishing staff and effectively closing down The Sustainer. They say Soldier meets all the Army requirements, and along with Gunner, Craftsman and 84 other publications public money is withdrawn. This means that any future editions are to be funded exclusively from Corps Non-public funds. Difficult choice - communicate or fund adv trg and sport.

Is it important or just one of those Government Savings Measures we should expect?

By the Way, Lord Drayson appears 12 times in his glossy 40 page brochure issued after the Election Notice at the exnse of MOD! Where is the justice? PUS get a grip!
I always thought our Regt subs went to propping it up.
Hope it is closed down, total waste of money.
It never really gripped me TBH and dragooning individuals to write for it was always a pain. Always seemed to be a bit of a haven for self congratulatory types but maybe I'm just being cynical.

I shan't miss it but where will future Corps historians go in the future?
What will the back slapping remfs do for publicity now?
I only ever had a cursory glance through it to see if I knew anyone, followed by a quick gander in the postings section to see who was doing what. Apart from killing the odd ten minutes, it never really did anything for me.
And the rest of the useless publications...
skintboymike said:
jimmys_best_mate said:
Get rid of Soldier too while they're at it, it's shite anyway.
But then where will people whinge about medals they aren't entitled to??
And where will all the "Military" solicitors advertise?
I'll poke my head up and say this is actually quite upsetting.

To lose the Regimental journals is to lose all manner of things, from news from what is happening at the moment, to news from the old boys. Postings and obits.

Sad. It's like a Parish Newsletter, but for a large parish.

The various Corps and Regiments will be poorer for this loss, than some of you let on.
chocolate_frog said:
from news from what is happening at the moment, to news from the old boys.
Actually, I find that those sections only serve as a cruel reminder that loads of people everywhere are on a jolly, and I'm not. :x


Joking aside. I didnt realise the funds came from the public purse, silly me I thought they came the same way as the the Corps review..................Now there is a bunch of shite that should be binned.
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