Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 307, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. 307

    307 War Hero

    After seeing the gucci new thermal imaging sight, Vipir 2, in soldier, it got me pondering about the humble SUSAT. I remember hearing some people on here saying the SUSAT is outdated. I got to thinking about the SUSAT in OBUA and other CQB scenarios where the x4 mag is more of a hidnerence than help for quick target acquisition, I know there are all the methods for this sort of snap shooting. Was justa fter peoples opinions on a G36 sort of sight, with the combination of red dot, for quick target acquistion and CQB etc. but also an optical sight featuring magnification, that also has grats on the lense, which would come in handy.
  2. Dont go bad mouthing the SUSAT. They might hear you and change it. Dont fix whats not broken just yet!
  3. our Coy team had a march and shoot comp against 2/1RNZIR on a kauri pine in 94. They had Steyr augs and Minimis. We wiped floor with LSW and A1. Overheard some griping about "them using telescopic sights 8O " had to double take when it clicked they were talking about susat :lol:
  4. The trusty old SUSAT does the Job. Also there Is'nt the Problem of the Batteries running flat :wink:
  5. Half of us are still using the iron sight, and you want them to spend millions developing a new sight unit?
  6. Exactly could not be more correct!

    The MOD don't need any ideas like that!!
  7. 307

    307 War Hero

    Ha, like I said I was just pondering. The genius thing about the G36 red dot is it uses ambient light to illuminate the red dot, and has a battery as reserve. So no ones rally bothered about the red dot thing?
  8. Nah. I would say that most of the british infantry regard that as the best piece of kit for the job.
  9. Most of the British Army haven't got anything to compare it to.

    Some say SUSAT was an improvement on the SLR sight, but then the standard of shooting went down (can anyone comment on this ?), but I think it's time to move on to the next stage now.

    G36 type sight would be a good move, G36 weapon series off the shelf would be even better, but in the meantime we must crack on with what we've got ... how sad ... :(
  10. As long as the infanteer is hitting 6 - 8 out of tens then we should stay happy. The Susat is very robust. Im still to hear of a leak or owt. These new flimsy sighting systems cant hack what Britfor put them through.
  11. SUSAT is a cracking piece of kit. As for iron sights, well the infantry close with and defeat the enemy dismounted, and the corps do their jobs and only use their rifles to protect themselves as they go about their work - so iron sights should be fine...

    Hows this Viper 2 thingy going to be used then? Its TI isnt it? A CWS replacement?

    Perhaps you could just have all the lads in an infantry section with those gucci NVGs and laser pointers, then they could see at night ALL the time, but also look through the SUSAT wearing the NVGs and it'd work at night too. And gunners with the Minimi could use something like what the Yanks call a "close combat optic" or reflex sight (M668? Red dot like the IDF use, just line it up and pull the trigger, but its not red dot like laser) in light, and the Viper thingy at night. Gimpy the same but opensights in the day.

    It'd free up CWSs as well so you could reissue them to cav/arty/RE and other corps to swap the iron sight with at night.

    Does the iron sights for the 5.56 have those glow-in-the-dark markings on it? Our Gimpy sights definitely don't and it sucks!!
  12. Doesnt work like that. the monacle thing is designed to cover the left eye and leave the shooting eye for the sight. It'd be funny trying to use it over the left. The laser pointer thinks are fcuking dangerous unless put into IR mode. As one of our lads discovered when engaging an RPG team at night.
    The CWS is a little out dated but is still a reasonable bit of kit which i wouldn't change for anything TI. CWS allows target indication as well as night observation. No point engaging a red blob who could also be a member of Blue team
  13. Ah so youve got your situational awareness through your left eye. But when it comes to shoot you don't have night vision for your right eye? Just SUSAT? So how do you do it properly then?

    Isnt there a decent pair of gogs out there that'd cover both eyes with enough room for the rifle sight? Or can you keep your left eye open as you shoot to give you that kinda blurry-semi-view-through-the-other-eye-that-might-have-a-bit-of-night-vision-in-it? Surely you dont fix the CWS to the gat AND have the NVGs on as well do you?

    I like the idea of the IR laser showing up in your NVGs so I guess you could just shoot from your left eye anyway - put the beam on the bad guys and bang! How far does the laser doohicky go, how far can you score solid hits most of the time with it? The idea of them having some Iranian nightsights or a Dragunov with its starlight scope able to see my beam as well would scare the shit out of me though!

  14. Only the Godlike Infantry have the skill to employ the SUSAT, you lot do not deserve such an instument of death!
  15. 200metres at night. The beam goes for about 800m though. I used to have my CWS on the gat with the LLM on the side quite a good combo and the torch is bob on. Especially the IR torch.

    If in doubt just get some 51 illum up in the air!