The Suns response to the boycott

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BFG 9000, Oct 31, 2005.

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  1. Greetings all,

    I've been contacted by The Sun in response to the petition to boycott their publication.
    I'm going to invite them to come & state their case.
    This post is a marker (so I can send them a link).
    Please don't fill this thread with angry drivel, I think you'll agree we'd like an adult discussion.
    PTP, any chance you could make this a sticky or an announcement?


  2. Not a problem BFG , my pleasure.

    Would like to populate this with some replies first , as to what form this discussion should take, and likely questions to be posed?

    It would also help if individuals could point out just what in the Suns' coverage on the Armed Forces makes them unhappy, or positive stories the Sun has filed on UK Armed Forces recently?


  3. I am looking forward to what they have to say. They claim to represent 'us' but are oh so happy to print absolute dross. Could you ask them how come whenever a squaddie is in trouble he comes from an elite regiment. A typical headline could be Pte X, a chef in the elite Royal Logistic Corps motto we sustain, was arrested for xxxxxx (normally a completly trumped up charge). They make no mention of the 5 chav gob shi'ites who where winding him or his missus up all evening. If they want to print some decent info why don't they contact 3 RSME. A B3 troop normally carries out a MACC task once every 2 weeks or so, why don't they cover the positive side?
  4. I for one am frankly disgusted at their attitude towards the Forces. They are out to sell papers and have never let the truth get in the way of a good story. When we're off doing a job which is a bit iffy, they are 'Right Behind Our Boys'. 'Our Boys'? Beat it you t*ssers.

    It's all about money. Simplicity in itself.

    Personally, I will never buy it . I won't even read it anymore.

    The only difference between this lot and the Daily Mail are the tits on page 3.
  5. They only want to sell papers. Boycotting the Sun makes them look bad which might be a detriment to sales figures which is all they really care about. Why in so many of their stories ( I can't call them articles because it would be an insult to Journalism) are the facts incorrect (unit names incorrect etc), rumour reported as fact and an indivual reported as a Hero one minute (to sell papers) and a villian the next (again to sell papers) ala CO QLR.

    Nice if they did come on here with an open mind but they need to understand that printing stuff about the chat in their rag as some sort of triumph when they get a complete slagging will only make matters worse.
  6. I never, ever, ever, read the scum but surely the Mirror deserves much more derision that this particular rag.

    Has the scum ever made anything up (like the Mirror) or has it reported the wrong doings of scrotes, albeit in a sensational way?

    I dont really know as I say and I would'nt even wipe my arrse with the paper but aren't we 'shooting the messenger'?
  7. I'd like to know how many of their reptil^H^Hjournos have spent time in uniform.

    And why they have this two faced attitude to the Forces - Heroes on the one hand, hung out to dry on the other. Is it because we cannot answer back?
  8. I'm interested to see how this develops and more importantly who they actually send to state their 'case' - are we going to have input from the editor or just someone from the pool of pigs?
  9. J_D

    J_D LE

    My view is that: The Sun, for an English tabloid, should not find ways to bad mouth the Armed Forces as well as support. I see it as 1 or the other. You can't do both. Especially digging up dirt, to which does not only make us look bad to our own country but other countries too.

    Has “The Sun” stopped to think who it would affect, Military personal, their jobs, even their families?

    It may make for a good read to some people but this is people's jobs and life’s; a little more thought wouldn't go a miss.
  10. The Sun's defence expert - is he not some 90 year old retired Major General (Perkins)? And his combat experience is...?
  11. "Lets talk". Must be having some effect then.

    Edited due to banana fingers.
  12. Actually he is a WW2 vet with bags of experience. I note that the Sun's Defence Editor is Tom Newton-Dunne. I wonder if he is related to the Newton-Dunne who was COS of one of the Para formations at Arnhem.
  13. Thanks all, please keep the comments coming in. I am informed that we are trying to get the Defence Editor of the Sun to come in and say his piece. It would be appreciated if he wasn't mauled senseless.

    The first objective, is to get a dialogue going with this Newspaper.

    I should just add , well done BFG
  14. The thing that irritates me more than anything else about The Sun is the way they tout for salacious stories about service personnel. If The Sun wants to buy drivel, embroider it and then print it, fine; it's what much of Rupert Murdoch's empire is all about (vide the dire Fox News for an example). Their claim to support the military is duplicitous.

    That and their irritating habit of using BOLD TEXT and MEANINGLESS CAPITALISATION to emphasise words for the thickos that read The Sun.
  15. I am too intrested to see what this tabliod is going to respond.

    Like all the others who have posted i just cant understand on which side of the fence they wish to sit, One minute, running publicity campagins like put this poster in the window to support the boys/girls, and next they are blowing a story out of all proportion of a soldier who has urinated in a drain at the side of the road or some such. When our civilian counter parts wouldnt even get a mention if they done the same thing. So why is it so bad that a member of an 'elite regiment/corp' armed forces has done something like this when ratted and make the national tabloid, but when a civvy does this, there is no mention what so ever!!

    Not only this, i am afraid to say i actually agree with anya for once, think of the lives, careers, familys you wreck with this drivel have you no compassion? no morals, no ethics? All for the sale of a few extra papers.

    What saddens me the most though, is that when there has been no major scandal in any of the other news that happens around the UK, you purposely, target the forces and rake up crap and blow it out of all proportion. With Journlism like this how can you call yourself the forces favorite?
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