the Suns latest outrage !

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pillager, May 14, 2006.

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  1. I cant garuantee the authenticity of this source, but It may or may not be appearing in the Sun newspaper over the next few days or weeks.

  2. A fine, well written article by the scum there - until the final sentence. How dare they support our boys.

    I for one fully support the scum and believe that even raised voices during recruit training, or indeed warfare, could cause serious harm to these potential soldiers. "Please" and "thank you" should be added to the SNCO vocab, to be used often. "please don't do that" and "that was wrong of you, wasn't it. Well not wrong, because that would hurt morale, but slightly undesirable. Can anyone tell me what this person did that was undesirable and how, as a team, and as a caring insituation we may bring our qualities together to prevent this in future?"
  3. They perceived it to be wrong because it’s something, in their lives, they would not expect to happen. Their cushy little Fleet Street environment will never understand. The most disturbing thing they ever have to go through is losing a reciept for one nights expences. Their retards on the 'front line' is nothing of the sort. Front line to me means facing death in the face by way of a pissed off enemy. Front line to them is 'not having a maid wake them up for breakfast'. Look at the coverage in the media when that prick Terry Lloyd died? What an outrage that a reporter died! If he had been given 1/8th of military training he would probably not be dead this day.

    God forbid a celeb got a bit lairy or a politico said something a bit OTT on the lawns of Westminster!

    They have no idea that their lives and those of the military could be so different. They seem to be placing values of civvy street on what we actually do for a living.

    Here is a simple headline for the Scum or any other fishwrapper.

    'Shock horror....Army kill the enemy for a living!'

    the sub paras may read;

    'To enable this, our boys get a bit of harsh treatment in training to enable them to stay afuckinglive when they are told to do this. This turns them from lilly livered civvies into soldiers'.

    Or...they are just trying to sell tomorrows fish wrappers? Aint a capitalist parliamentary democracy great?

    I love the idea of freedom of speech and freedom of the press but FFS, chaps, at least back us up when we fucking need it.

    Tip to you journos. Next time you are in theatre and your escort is a member of the British Army. Ask yourself this;

    Are you happy that the bloke who is covering your back has been beasted through training (possibly involving CS chamber/Roll mat fighting/shouted at stuff/given a rather hard time/told to do things that are a bit unpleasant/had a chinning for fucking up etc, etc) and will be able to look after your sorry, overweight arrse if some raghead mad mullah decides to get all jurassic on your situation?

    Or do you want some softy Walter chap with a sick note from Matron, has not been tested to the extreme, who you cannot guarantee can do his job under the most extremes of pressure, who gives up because he has not found his own limit of character, who is basically as prepared as you are?

    I fucking doubt it.

    You want a robotic man mountain who will perform like a cast member of 'Who Dares Wins' to get you out of a situation that you shat your pants in and enables you to win a fucking award so you look like Andy McfuckingNab when you large it with you similarly obese peers. Simple choice chaps. Army do things their way and get the job done. Your human rights are different to ours. 2 Para on winning Goose Green in '82 did not have the crap you chaps are throwing at us now. Ive got to say, it makes it harder when you 'report' in the manner you do now. You will cost lives.
  4. [​IMG]

    The Para's training last year
  5. The fire ruins the polish on your boots
  6. i hope the petrol was lead free
  7. No! No! No!

    I said burn the polish IN the tin
  8. Always liked this little cautionary tale From Col. Hackworth - Should be stapled to the forehead of every newspaper editor in the country!

    The Tragic Story of Willie Lump Lump

    After WW 11, a boy named Willie Lump Lump enlisted in the Army. He went to Fort Benning to take his infantry training, sixteen weeks of sweat and tears and lots of punishment, to turn him into a hardened soldier. Along about the seventh week of training, a sergeant stood up in front of his class and said, "Gentlemen, I'm Sergeant Slasher, and today I'm going to introduce you to the bayonet. On guard! With that, the sergeant went into the correct stance for holding the bayonet. "On the battlefield," he continued, 'you will meet the enemy, and there will be times when you will need this bayonet to defeat the enemy. To KILL the enemy! Over the next weeks you'll be receiving a twenty-hour block of instruction on the bayonet, and I will be your principal instructor."

    Willie Lump Lump went back to the barracks, deeply upset. Man, that was so brutal out there today, he thought. The war is over. We're living in peace and tranquillity, and still the Army is teaching us how to use these horrible weapons! "Dear Mom," he wrote home. "Today the sergeant told me he's going to teach me how to use the bayonet to kill enemy soldiers or, the battle field.'

    Willie's mother was shocked. She got right on the phone: "Hello, Congressman DoGood? This is Mrs. Lump Lump. I want to tell you what's happening down at Fort Benning, Georgia. Here it is, 1949, and they're teaching my baby to kill with a bayonet. It's uncivilized! It's barbaric!"

    The Congressman immediately got on the horn. "Hello, General Playitright at the Pentagon? This is Congressman DoGood. I understand the Army is still giving bayonet training."

    "Yes, we are."

    "Do you think it's a good idea? I don't think it's a very good thing at all. It's even somewhat uncivilized. 1 mean, really, how many times does a soldier need his bayonet?"

    “Not very often, sir, it's true. Actually, I was just reviewing the Army Training Program myself, and I was thinking that the bayonet is a pretty obsolete weapon. I agree with you. I'll put out instructions that it's going to stop…”

    The next day, seven hundred miles away: "Gentlemen, I am Sergeant Slasher. This is your second class on bayonet training--" the sergeant was interrupted by a lieutenant walking purposefully toward his across the training field. “Stand easy, men."

    "It's out," the lieutenant whispered.

    "What!" said the sergeant.

    "It's out," the lieutenant whispered again. The sergeant nodded, his mouth wide open in disbelief. He returned to his class.

    “Gentlemen, we'll have to break here. It looks as if bayonet training has been discontinued in the Army.

    A year later, PFC Lump Lump, the model soldier, deployed to Korea with the 1st battalion, 23rd Regiment, 2nd infantry Division. He was standing on a frozen hill and the Chinese were coming it him--wave after wave after wave. Willie stood like a rock. Resolutely, he shot the enemy down. Suddenly he realized he was out of ammunition. He looked at his belt--not a round left. He saw a Chinaman rushing toward his. He remembered the first class on bayonet training. He reached down and pulled his bayonet out of his scabbard. Shaking and fumbling, he tried to fit it an the end of his weapon, but by that time the Chinese soldier was standing over him, with a bayonet of his own.

    The Secretary of the Army signed his thousandth letter for the day: "Dear Mrs. Lump Lump; It is with deep regret that I must inform you that your son, PFC Lump Lump, was killed in action 27 November 1950."

    Heartbroken, Mrs. Lump Lump wrote to some friends of young Willie's in the company. "Now?" she asked. "Why???" "Willie wasn't trained," they wrote back. 'He didn't know how to use his bayonet." Now Mrs. Lump Lump was not only heartbroken, but outraged. She didn't even bother to call Congressman DoGood. She barged right into his office.

    "Why?" she cried and screamed. "Why wasn't my son trained for war?"
  9. The ironic thing is that when I went through basic in the LI in 74 the squad before us were the last to be taught bayonet fighting - it was viewed out of date! It certainly wasn't in 82 in the Falklands! :wink:
  10. "Soliders report that British issue boots melt in the Desert heat"
  11. For F***s sake since reading about all the Sun nonsense on this website over a year ago (ie it qill print anything bad about the army for circulation) having read it most days I have not touched it since; yet every mess I go into has it on the table. If we are really going to stop the Scum could everyone boycott it properly M9
  12. Have people failed to pick up on the original post by Pillager? The spirit of the thread seems to have been lost...
  13. Yes we do, but what can be done? it always happens and just recently with the tragic events of the Lynx crash and the riots afterwards. I was there and what was reported was utter trash. Yet again we the Forces were dealt with the joker. Inaccurate reporting is now the norm and we are always on the receiving end. I honestly feel it is about time something is done to stop complete trash being reported., Be it Army, Navy or Air Force is wrong, makes us all look like a bunch of cowboys at a turkey shoot!!! We should raise some sort of awareness, ie refuse to let reporters patrol with us, refuse to give interviews etc, etc.
    what is your view?
  14. Did everybody see the L/SGT who was prostituting himself in the People today?