The Sunday Times advertises for Arrse

As if we didn't have enough journos snooping around this site, see this from today's Sunday Times..,,2088-1849107,00.html

particularly the line

As for the squaddies, I think they might have some ripe things to say. In fact I know they do, because you can check out their comments on weblogs. I particularly recommend for a pungent sense of how it feels to be patrolling Basra right now in your unarmoured Land Rover, risking getting your . . . well, arrse blown off for Queen and country.
Cheers PTP knew it must be in here somewhere but didn't see it on that thread. :oops:

Ah well. :)


Not often I'll say anything nice about a journo but thansk for bringing that one to the attention of the non Sun reading public mate.

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