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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lateosphinx, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. Just a quick question.....What is the general consensus about the The Sun? It is still the forces' paper or has it turned against us?
  2. You really are having a "laff" aren't you?
  3. Wasn't asking for insults, juts opinions.
  4. I smell a journo!!
  5. Wah?
  6. This is a genuine question as I am doing some work and am trying to get an opinion. Not a journo or anything like that
  7. Yeah right, we all belive you lateosphinx
  8. Have a look round the site.
  9. Well you can't be a bill oddie cause no self respecting one would be on their pc registering to this site on new years eve
  10. Try the 'search' function on this site using the key words 'Sun', 'Shite', 'Scum', 'Fish Wrapper', 'Toilet Roll', or 'Stitching Barstewards'.
  11. Thanks Flash. I tried the search but I am new to the site and do not know my way around. I will give it a go. Thanks to all others for the less than helpful advice!
  12. My dear chap, please don't think that you have been insulted. This has, to now, been incredibly benign. Oh, by the way, if your opinion juts, might I suggest going to a better tailor to conceal the fact?
  13. The sun is well used by Arrsers, but the print tends to come off on the cheeks!
  14. I dunno, I thought the answers were pretty heplful. A 'wah' for instance let you know that your original statement was 'silly', and thus by inference gave you an answer.