The Sun - Why do they have to report this?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Range_Gopher, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Why oh why do newspapers feel it necessary to report on such items as the new "MI5 Wonderwall"?

    Why can't we make something like that and just put it in place? Oh no, we have to tell everyone about it and then inform everyone about how it will stop a truck at a certain speed and so on! :?

    Now they'll be trying to devise a way to get through one of these things before they are fully implemented. Is it to make us feel safe or to let terrorists know the specifications of these things. :x

    Next thing you know another MP will be visiting Gordy with restricted documents visible in their hands......LOL :p

  2. If the TRL have been involved in it then it'll be a total cluster anyway, anyone else remember the motorcycle leg protectors they 'invented' in the late 80's? they 'proved' they worked by fitting them to an "average motorcycle" which turned out to be a BMW with the cylinder heads removed (as the leg protectors wouldn't fit with them in place). They also carried out tests which didn't equate to an average 'bike accident anyway.

    Luckily enough for our would be terrorists they've been given the specs of the device and the speed at which it was tested. Not that it would be terribly difficult to check out one of these when they are installed. It wouldn't surprise me that you can find out the specs by checking out the patents office.
  3. Sky news are now running this as well lol
  4. Ever heard of a press release?...yep even they do it RG :p
  5. Because if it wasn't releasaed to the press, in a couple of years time journalists would be firing off Freedom of Information Requests like they were going out of fashion to find out what the cash had been spent on.

    I'm more worried about the carp codename "wonderwall". I do hope that the journos have come up with that and not MI5.
  6. Yeah your're right BB but still....why lay out the full specs before the things have been installed 8O

    We end up in a vicious circle don't we.... :(

    Oh well back to Page 3 Idol 8)
  7. It's called a deterrent. Why develop something like this and not tell anyone?

    If people know that this barrier will stop vehicles like that, then the enemy is less likely to waste cash trying it. Unless they develop an articulated lorry that can jump walls?
  8. They invited the Sun along to watch it being tested, I'm sure that means they wanted it to be reported on :)
  9. Just because the Sun says it was 'MI5' who developed this doesn't make it true. Industry have been developing and producing such barriers for years.
  10. And the specs are wrong!

    Saw this a quite a while ago at a security exhibition, Corus may be making it but they certainly didn't invent it.
  11. Looking around all the public buildings in the Big Smoke, Brum, etc. even a wannabee school-boy terrorist can work out what is a brarrier and what isn't.

    So reporting it as a deterrent? Yes; Will it give the game away? Absolutely not.
  12. I wouldn't actually bank on that mate ;)

    Same exhibition I saw a demo of what, for all intents and purpose, looked exactly like a standard rising street bollard which wouldn't even normally stop a small car at anything over 20 MPH (they are designed to deform on impact)

    "Looked" being the key word because the thing was capable of stopping a 7.5 ton truck at 40 mph, totally destroying it (the truck) in the process.

    Some of this kit is very good but also very discreet.
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Yeah, it's better they use the cash on something more effective.

    Oh wait a minute...
  14. If the bad guys load a big enough IED into the truck, they don't need to crash it anyway; just park it close to the target and light the blue touch paper. Also, if I was Jihadi-Wannabe, I would'nt go for a high value, well protected target. I'd drive into a busy city centre during a weekend before making my play for the 72 virgins/raisins.

    Colour me not impressed. :roll: